It’s odd to see player’s just a few years ago becoming head coaches in the NBA. The old system of coaching ranks typically had former athletes work their way up as assistants. There were few that were able to break that trend, but they did not fare well as coaches.

Suddenly front offices are bucking that trend. Mark Jackson had a solid tenure with the Warriors before being let go. Jason Kidd with the Nets, and now Steve Kerr and Derek Fisher.

The signing of Derek Fisher as head coach should prove to be one of the best moves the Knicks have made in quite awhile. New York never had the lure to attract a coach for quite sometime, due to the disdain over Knicks management. Attracting proper free agents has even been a formidable issue for years. Salary woes impacted by Isiah Thomas seemed to cause a rollover affect that the Knicks could not shake.

By and Carmelo Anthony the Knicks thought they would solve their problems. Instead just like for Melo in Denver, with the signing of Allen Iverson things were aligned too late. Iverson’s career was on its last legs and the pair never reached any heights. The same could be said with Stoudemire as his knees ravaged the shine that he had as a Phoenix Sun.

now running the show with Phil Jackson things could finally change rather quickly. Fisher has a great rapport with the bulk of the players in the NBA. During Kevin Durant’s MVP speech he devoted special attention to Fisher’s commanding presence and daily work ethic.

The fact that Derek Fisher was even on an NBA roster speaks volume to the type of leadership he brings to a locker room. One could say after the Lakers traded him the first time to Utah that Fisher likely shouldn’t have been on an NBA roster anymore. From an athletic standpoint he had become the type of defensive liability that Steve Nash has been, without the offensive skill set. Yet he remained on rosters because of what he brought to the core of the locker room.

Now all eyes will be on what Fisher and Jackson can put together via free agency and the NBA Draft. Knicks fans should finally be hopeful for a bright future. Remember with Mike Woodson just a few seasons ago, this team catapulted to have a successful 50 plus win season.

The Knicks are on the clock and in a good way.


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