Key Tidbits Heading Into the Weekend

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• Hall of Fame caliber players store away poor performances in their memory banks. In 2010, the New Orleans Saints lost to an Arizona Cardinals team led by Max Hall. Hall an undrafted rookie that year is now a quarterback in the CFL . In 2010 the Saints were seven point favorites as they are this weekend. Brees had one of his worst games as a Saint in that game throwing three interceptions. All of Arizona’s three touchdowns came from defensive touchdowns. You can bet Brees is ready to flourish this Sunday at home to rid his mind of that performance.

• In August, the Patriots and Buccaneers chose to have practice scrimmages against each other before their preseason football game in week two. That was the scrimmage that brought on the Tom Brady scare with a minor injury to his knee. Josh Freeman hardly played in that preseason game but Tom Brady did and went 11 of 12 for 107 yards and a touchdown. Be cautious in assuming Brady and the Pats will bounce back big in their matchup against the Buccaneers.

• Last season the Chicago Bears averaged 35 points per game against the AFC. 41 in each game against the Colts and Jaguars, 51 against the Titans, and a low output of 6 points against the Texans. Their defense was tenacious in those four games, creating fifteen turnovers and scoring five defensive touchdowns.

• Chad Henne has put up some gaudy statistics in games that you would least expect him to do so. In 2011 he threw for over 400 yards against the New England Patriots. Last season as fifteen point underdogs, Henne threw for over 350 yards and four touchdowns in an overtime loss to the Houston Texans. Both games were his season’s best statistical performances.


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