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The title of this article should be your pre-season week three chant. The Jets are going to have the media-eyes centered on their preseason matchup today against the New York Giants. It’s the perfect tune-up dress rehearsal for both teams, as they do not have to leave their facility to do so. A great luxury for a game that is done annually in preseason. Geno Smith gets the title as starter in this one, but for all intensive purposes it’s just a showcase. Jets fans and the coaching staff pretty much know Smith is going to need a bit more time before being thrown into the fire. From the Giants stand point Tom Coughlin has not been happy with the Giants inconsistent preseason play.

Both first team defenses were rolled over in week two of the preseason by fast pace offenses (Colts, Jags). Defense should not be an area these two teams struggle, and you can believe it was stressed in practices this week by both coaches. I expect the heightened competition between Smith/Sanchez to cause extra nerves for both quarterbacks. Expect a low-scoring first half, and for defense to control the scrimmage in this one.

When it comes to the backups entering the football game, neither David Carr/Ryan Nassib has been impressive for the Giants, failing to lead the team to touchdown drives in the first two weeks of preseason so far.

Besides a two year stretch in 2009 and 2010 this preseason series has sailed under every other year since 2002.


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