I have a side on tonight’s game plus two premium plays in the NBA. Go under today’s picks to purchase the game for just $30, or with the two NBA plays for $39.

Currently on the season I still have an ATS percentage of 80% in the NFL and 60% in college. Since I’m on a play tonight I’ll give a brief overview on both sides.

For the Indianapolis Colts, bettors will be looking to see if this Colts team had a one week hiccup against Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh shook off doubters last night with another fantastic offensive performance against their division rival Ravens. That has to boost the mindset of Colts backers tonight as Pittsburgh’s offense has now scored close to a 100 points in two weeks.

The question for Indianapolis bettors is if they can trust the current pressure the offense puts on Andrew Luck. As great as a quarterback he is, the Colts probably rely on him more than even the Broncos or Patriots do at the quarterback position.

For the New York Giants bettors need to consider the Giants lopsided losses this season. They have had four double digit losses. One to the Lions, one to the Cardinals, one to the Cowboys, and one to the Eagles. The last drubbing to Philadelphia came before the Giants bye week and involved Head Coach Tom Coughlin holding a mandatory team meeting.

At 3-4 and with the Cowboys consecutive losses the Giants have hypothetically gained a game and a half on the division without stepping on the field. The door is open for the Giants to get back into consideration of a division title. But do they have the talent to matchup against the Colts tonight?


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