In March Madness there are moments that band a team together. There is always that one game that a team has to figure out a way to pull off. The close call can be a disappointing end to a season or a rally mentally that we got through it.

For the past champions NCAA champions that close call came for UConn against Saint Joseph’s. Yes, round one. Seemingly the entire game the Huskies trailed. Each time they got within a basket a counter would come from Saint Joseph’s. Their leader in Kevin Ollie just would not let the Huskies give up.

None of the players caved and in the final minute the Huskies tied the game on three point play.

Saturday the NBA has three game sevens. All the hoopla is surrounding how this has never happened.

This is sports and from a handicapping standpoint, the media’s opinions need to be oblivious if you want to succeed.

The Thunder’s monster game six win over the Grizzlies was a stark contract from the first five games in the series. Oklahoma City set the tone with their style of play and matched the Grizzlies defensive intensity with their own concerted effort.

That type of loss coupled with the suspension of Zach Randolph is a double dagger mentally to this Grizzlies team.

They didn’t get the job done at home and they’re not going to in a game seven without their best player.

Head to your sportsbook or online book and get your play in on the Thunder at 8 to 8.5. Line movement will be swift before action begins.


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