Free Play: Western Carolina vs Wofford

Free Play: Western Carolina vs Wofford

Play: Wofford/Western Carolina Under

All the cards are on the table from a conference that everyone expected Davidson to get the outright bid in. Thanks to a rally by Western Carolina that has changed things quite a bit.

Neither team is a great field goal percentage shooting team. Wofford’s strength is their defense and for Western Carolina it’s their senior leadership. They have the ability to go on streaks offensively as a team but can also cave for long periods as well. Case in point an embarrassing 18 point first half against Virginia Tech earlier this season.

I’d expect both teams to come out shaky on a nationally televised game on ESPN2. Tempo may increase after halftime but take advantage of a first half line of 60 points. One team may barely crack over 30 in the first half but not both.


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