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In a hyped series the Lakers will take on the San Antonio Spurs with heavy media coverage. The Spurs are tagged as a team that could falter against the Lakers. Could it be the end of the dynasty as we know it in San Antonio? All eventually come to an end and the Spurs are fairly banged up. Tony Parker has not played to his full abilities because of injuries and will be playing at a percentage well below 100 for the whole series.

The Lakers are without Kobe, but have an inside presence that allows for them to dominate the post. This creates plenty of double teams that leaves shooters open to hit threes. Mike D’Antoni is an offensive guru and will get the Lakers to continue to score even without Kobe.

There was a reason why Popovich was resting his old veterans whenever he wanted. Preserving their bodies did not work, and if the Spurs are going to win they will have to resort to their offense. They can score when they choose to, and this entire playoffs they will have to. Their depth is not defensive minded, and with how banged up they are you can’t expect their defense to be stellar.

We already know the Lakers defensive woes. Take the over in todays game one matchup


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