Fantasy Running Back Rankings 9/8/11

By Zack Cimini


I just wrote an article detailing out how important running backs are again in fantasy football. The past few years, quarterbacks stole the show a bit by throwing for an inordinate amount of yardage. It’ll tone back down this year, and bring fantasy football back to it’s core value players. Here are running back rankings based upon week one match ups.

Undervalued Week One: Matt Forte , Tim Hightower, Brandon Jacobs

Overvalued (Risky Starters): Chris Johnson and Michael Turner

1. Jamaal Charles

He’ll torment the Bills defense all day. Expect a patented break away long yardage touchdown from Charles.

2. Darren McFadden

McFadden’s going to become an elite fantasy back this season as long as he can stay away from injuries. He loves facing the Denver Broncos, and will make fantasy owners very happy week one.

3. Ray Rice

Even though he’ll be facing Pittsburgh, I like what he is going to do additionally pass catching in this game. Rice gets a heavy amount of carries but gets equal looks out of the backfield. Flacco is a check down quarterback, and may rely on Rice more without Derrick Mason.

4. Adrian Peterson

AP is going to crack the top five each week unless of course an injury occurs.

5. Peyton Hillis

The Browns offense is going to be much more effective than last season. With the expected increased points, Hillis may have been undervalued in fantasy drafts. Facing Cincinnati will get him a jump start in the fantasy points column.

6. Frank Gore

Inner divisional opponents of the NFC West have made Gore’s career. He’ll feast on the Seahawks once again.

7. Arian Foster

I assume he’ll play. Rumor though is that the Texans will ensure he is not over worked, and get Ben Tate some carries. This game could be a blowout. If so, Foster may not get more than twelve to fifteen carries.

8. Chris Johnson

I’m not buying an instant on the field great performance from Johnson. The money is there for Johnson, will the will and drive be anymore?

9. Matt Forte

This should be a tight defensive game, but Forte will cause issues for the Falcons. Total yardage numbers from him will likely be in the top five this week, but the if factor on cracking the end zone bumps him down.

10. Tim Hightower

Everyone thinks that a banged up secondary does more damage to the passing game. In does, but it also causes more issues in the rush defense. The Giants linebackers aren’t great as it is. Expect Hightower to continue off his great preseason with a one hundred yard performance and at least one touchdown.

11. LeSean McCoy

12. Steven Jackson

13. Maurice Jones-Drew

14. Jahvid Best

15. Reggie Bush

16. Beanie Wells

17. Rashard Mendenhall

18. Ahmad Bradshaw

19. Mark Ingram

20. LeGarrette Blount

21. Michael Turner

22. Shonn Greene

23. DeAngelo Williams

24. Fred Jackson

25. Brandon Jacobs

26. Knowshown Moreno

27. Ben Tate

28. Cedric Benson

29. BenJarvus Green-Ellis

30. Felix Jones

31. Marion Barber

32. Ryan Matthews

33. James Starks

34. Joseph Addai

35. Marshawn Lynch

36. Thomas Jones

37. Willis McGahee

38. Jonathan Stewart

39. Pierre Thomas

40. Mike Tolbert

41. Ryan Grant

42. CJ Spiller

43. Larod Stephens-Howling

44. Michael Bush

45. Roy Helu

46. LT

47. Ricky Williams


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