Fantasy Quarterback Rankings August 20th

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The calendar days are narrowing to September and the inevitable kickoff of the 2013 NFL season. Brigades of quarterbacks flying off the board in round one and two can be halted, as signal callers in your fantasy drafts are prevalent to be as deep as ever. Head back to your old ways of waiting on a quarterback as it looks to be a safe-bet this season. A fantasy starter and dependable point producer can likely be found in mid-round drafts.

Be sure to protect your quarterback with a safeguard backup. Injuries derail teams on the field and that cannot even protect the fantasy worlds of rosters. Here is the latest installment of fantasy quarterback rankings.

! Denotes Rising
^ Denotes Declining

1. Drew Brees
2. Aaron Rodgers
3. Matt Ryan
4. Matthew Stafford
5. Tom Brady
6. Cam Newton
7. Colin Kaepernick ! The trade for Jonathan Baldwin gives Kaepernick more of a promising threat than last year’s developing first round pick in Jenkins. Look for Kaep to produce as a top five quarterback quickly this season, and sustain it.
8. RG3
9. Peyton Manning
10. Andrew Luck
11. Tony Romo
12. Russell Wilson ^ The praise for Wilson is never-ending, but the ridicule seems to be impossible from the media and fans. I’m not impressed with the way the Seahawks offense has functioned in preseason. Even in their rout of the Broncos the over all ending was inflated. Wilson is a winner and so is Seattle, but I believe Wilson’s fantasy value will drift towards Eli Manning’s, Big Ben’s, and Joe Flacco’s. All winners but mediocre fantasy football quarterback options.
13. Joe Flacco
14. Andy Dalton ^ Cincinnati is one of those quiet teams that are good that no one wants to publicize. Besides AJ Green and the Law Firm many people would have are hard time to ascertain other names on the Bengals roster. Give Marvin Lewis credit. He has kept the Bengals relative and that was with quick transgressions of transforming the team. No team has went from an out with the old (Palmer, TJ Housh, Ocho Cinco, C. Benson and many others) and revamped on defense and offense without multiple years of losing as well as the Bengals.
15. Eli Manning
16. Carson Palmer !- It’s obvious that the Cardinals are going to attack to their strengths offensively. That will likely not be in the backfield with extracted former Steeler Rashard Mendenhall trying to supplant numerous young running backs. Palmer has a great set of receivers and an offensive minded head coach in Bruce Arians that will make Palmer fantasy relevant.
17. Ben Roethlisberger ^- It’s sad to see but Big Ben appears to be descending into the Philip Rivers stage of his career. He has resembled what most franchises want out of a young quarterback but has also paid the price. His nimbleness in the pocket is declining and so are his weapons. The Steelers have a conundrum to figure out at receiver and running back, as Roethlisberger will be without Mike Wallace, Plaxico Burress, and Heath Miller for a time period. This spells trouble as the make shift offensive line has been atrocious in the preseason.
18. Matt Schaub
19. Ryan Tannehill !- Miami is a team that is likely a year away from turning the corner as a playoff contender again. To blow past those expectations Tannehill can defy that by uprooting his own lofty goals for 2013. Do not forget it is Tannehill that led the Dolphins to a fourth quarter comeback victory over Seattle and Russ Wilson last year.
20. Mike Vick ^- He has the starting job now but the pressure is as high as the last row atop the Eagles stadium. Vick’s in a make or break season running a new system offense. It looked pretty in college for Chip Kelly, but the NFL is a different ball game where speed is neutralized. Last year Oregon’s first opponent was Arkansas State. Chip Kelly will learn first hand and unfortunately Mike Vick is his first test at this at quarterback.
21. Philip Rivers ^- At this point Rivers may need a new organization that he can grow with as San Diego seems absent minded at protecting Rivers.
22. Christian Ponder
23. Brandon Weeden !- You have to be pleased with Weeden’s progression in preseason. His play has been shined upon from the media conglomerates for his standout performances. I won’t get carried away just yet. This is the same quarterback that had cannon deep ball plays in several games last year, only to have hiccups on other drives. A quarter of play is one thing but can Weeden play four complete quarters?
24. Josh Freeman
25. Alex Smith
26. EJ Manuel
27. Jake Locker
28. Jay Cutler
29. Sam Bradford
30. Blaine Gabbert
31. Mark Sanchez
32. Matt Flynn


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