Fantasy NBA Waiver Wire: Eric Bledsoe

By Zack Cimini

The one and done philosophy is frowned upon by college coaches and NBA scouts. There are only a handful of athletes in college that should be taken advantage of this leap. That never is the case, and when the majority of Kentucky’s team all left as freshman it made waves. One name that was included in the whispered chants of should of stayed was Eric Bledsoe.

Bledsoe fell a bit and landed with the Los Angeles Clippers. A role that looked perfect for Bledsoe to sit back and learn from NBA veteran, Baron Davis. How quick a tune can change from normal patterns. Baron Davis has been hobbled early on in the season and can’t seem to shake a bum knee. The lingering affects of multiple surgeries and age have doubts on whether Davis will see much action at all. So at 19 years old, Eric Bledsoe has stepped onto the court and done a fabulous job on leading the Clippers.

They’re young as a whole, but Bledsoe has shined with starter’s minutes. He is currently averaging 10 points, four rebounds, and five assists a game. With the Clippers playing late at night most aren’t seeing his action. It’s shocking that he is still available in over half of Yahoo Fantasy NBA leagues. Especially since he has had an array of stat filling games in the month of November. Like most rookies you have to take a hit in a few columns with Bledsoe. The only major rotisserie league stat that he will hurt you in is with turnovers, and off nights field goal percentage wise.

His all around game though is worth seeking on the waiver wire. Obviously the Clippers will reduce his minutes somewhat if Baron Davis can prove he can step onto the court. Maneuvering to Bledsoe after his early season showcase will likely be a move sooner than anticipated. He is definitely one of the better blossoming surprises early on in the 2010 NBA season.


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