Expectations Big For Smith

By Zack Cimini

Every year Emmitt Smith has been on the other side of handing the Cardinals a loss. This time he will try to do it to his old team, and prove that the Cowboys should not have let him go.

So far the Cowboys look like they made the right decision in letting Smith go. Without him it has allowed Quincy Carter to be more comfortable with his surroundings, and young running back Troy Hambrick is playing solid football. In fact the Cowboys rank number one in the league in total offense, which doesn?t bode too well for the way the Cardinals defense has been playing.

Smith on the other hand is struggling big time. He has yet to have a break out game, and part of that reason is because the Cardinals abandon the running game very quickly. Cardinal?s fans are already getting impatient with Smith and want to see more of Marcell Shipp. Shipp established himself last season and is the future of this team at running back. So it will be interesting to see how many carries Shipp starts to take away from Smith as the year goes on.

The main reason the Cardinals brought Smith in was too sell tickets, and so far that has not helped the situation. Green Bay took over the stadium a few weeks ago, and Dallas fans have always had the home field advantage in Arizona. The key to this game for the Cardinals is their defense. The only game that the Cardinals played defense was against Green Bay and that led to a win. Controlling the football has also been a problem for the Cardinals. Last week against St. Louis they only had the football for 17 total minutes, which is ridiculous. Expect the Cardinals to come out and finally the pound the football, and stick with it through out the entire game.


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