Preview and Analysis

By Zack Cimini

Finally two of the three big play receivers broke out. Both Randy Moss and Marvin Harrison made their fantasy football owners day. If you had the combination of Marvin Harrison and Peyton Manning on your team, than you probably set a fantasy season high in your league. They put up over 80 fantasy football points combined, which is ridiculous.

As far as the football games went in general, the old NFC West continued to disappoint. San Francisco, Atlanta, and New Orleans have all played well below expectations. All three were expected to make the playoffs, and now look like they?ll be getting a high draft pick next year. Atlanta has a reason why they are not doing well, but San Francisco and the Saints have some questions to answer. Both have incredible talent and are playing like high school squads out there. Another loss or two for those teams and things could get real ugly.

Lets move on and look ahead into week five. Don?t forget the Rams, Jets, Ravens, and Texans all have byes.

Minnesota vs. Atlanta
This could be it for the Falcons season if they don?t win. A 1-4 start will be impossible even for Michael Vick to over come. With the way the Vikings offense is playing and the way the Falcons defense is playing, this game should already be over in the books. Like Chris Berman says though, that is why they play the game. Gus Frerotte looks like he will get his second start, and that should not be a problem for him.

Cincinnati vs. Buffalo
All of the sudden the talk of the Buffalo Bills has quieted down. They are still a great team, and will challenge for the division title. The problem is that they have not had Travis Henry the last two games, and people don?t realize how important he is to this team. This game could stay close if the Bengals defense can keep playing well.

Oakland vs. Chicago
Every year there is a team that looks like they will lose all their games, and Chicago is that team this year. Oakland barely escaped starting off their season at 1-3, and needs to try to keep up with Denver and Kansas City. The Raiders defense has been struggling, but there is no need to worry when Kordell Stewart is the opposing quarterback.

Arizona vs. Dallas
Get ready to see another week of the Cardinals stadium getting taken over by other fans. The Cowboys fans always make the trip to Arizona, and we will have to see if it has an affect this time. Emmitt Smith has yet to have a great game, and Cardinals fans already want to see more of Marcel Shipp. This will be a game for the quarterbacks and their receivers. Both Jeff Blake and Quincy Carter have great young receivers, and this could end up being a shoot out.

Seattle vs. Green Bay
Mike Holmgren makes yet another visit back to Green Bay, and this time he could end up on top. Seattle is undefeated and wants to stay that way, but will need their defense to play better. Brett Favre and the Packers offense finally looked in sync and should be effective against the Seahawks defense. Running backs love to have big games against their former teams, and we all know that Ahman Green started his career in Seattle.

Denver vs. Kansas City
Jake Plummer has already set a team record in Denver, but don?t get too excited. Plummer has had it easy in the first four games, and this will be his first game that he is tested. More than likely the Broncos will be relying on Plummer?s arm even if Clinton Portis is able to go. Denver?s game plan has to be to stop Dante Hall. Every time the Chiefs look like they are vulnerable he comes out and makes a huge play. Both of these teams like to move it up and down the field, and that always leads to turnovers. The team that wins the turnover battle will come out on top in this one.

Tennessee vs. New England
The Patriots offense is in disarray right now, and needs to get more consistency out of their running backs. If it doesn?t happen soon, you can expect both to be gone next year. Steve McNair has the Titans on fire and it does not look like there will be a let down any time soon with their schedule.

Miami vs. NY Giants
Just like the Cowboys, the Dolphins are making their second trip up to New York in less than a month. Miami will try to make it a 4-0 sweep of the New York teams. This looks like it will be the game of the week, and presents great matchups on both sides of the ball. The Giants and Dolphins secondary both think they are the best, and we shall see which one can step up to the challenge. Ricky Williams will be a factor in this one but if the Dolphins are going to win they?ll need Jay Fiedler to attempt some big plays down the field.

New Orleans vs. Carolina
The Saints use to roll over the Panthers, and now it is time for the Panthers to return the favor. No one knows what happened to the Saints defense, but it is long gone. On offense they haven?t had any production from their receivers, and part of that reason is because Aaron Brooks has struggled. The only player on their team that has been consistent is Deuce McAllister. A team comes together in games when they know that their coaches? job is on the line. We will be able to tell how much the Saints appreciate their head coach Jim Haslett in this one.

San Diego vs. Jacksonville
Byron Leftwich came out and showed that he will be the leader of this team. As for the Chargers they finally showed some offense, but it was their defense that ended up losing them the game. It is hard to believe that both of these teams are 0-4, but one of them will have to end their losing streak this week. The Jaguars seem to have the advantage with a better defense and Jimmy Smith back from suspension.

Detroit vs. San Francisco
Steve Mariucci is loving this opportunity. His old team is struggling and he has a chance to continue it. He will have Joey Harrington ready to play the game of his life, and the Lions team pumped up. Terrell Owens has disliked Mariucci from day one, and that should lead to Owens first break out game of the season. The Lions are hurting in the secondary, and if Owens does not have a big day than we know there is something wrong with Jeff Garcia.

Washington vs. Philadelphia
Washington?s lead in the NFC East is slipping away just as quickly as they got it. The Eagles finally got a win, and Donovan McNabb has even more self motivation after Rush Limbaugh?s comments. Washington?s offense has kept them in all of their games this season, and it will be up to Patrick Ramsey and Lavernues Coles to win this one.

Cleveland vs. Pittsburgh
The Steelers are off to there usual slow conventional start. These two teams have a hatred like no other and will leave it all on the field this week end. Tim Couch will get a shot at doing what he didn?t get a chance to last year, and that is defeat Pittsburgh. He knows if he can come out and have a great game he could remain the starter for the rest of the season.

Indianapolis vs. Tampa Bay
I guess every one has come full circle in the NFL, because coaches are always playing their former teams. Tony Dungy has the Colts clicking on both sides of the football, and this week they will need it from their defense. Dungy should be able to exploit the Buccaneers defense as well, because he knows all the tendencies of his old players.


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