There is a point and team where regression is bound to happen. Everyone talks about the great run done by the Patriots, but in the NFC the Saints have had a great run themselves. Even a Super Bowl in more recent history than the Patriots. Things seem to be paired well with Drew Brees and head coach Sean Payton.

After a roller coaster that resulted in a season length suspension for Payton, things got right back to where the Saints left off in 2013. Payton was able to pair the offense the way he knows best and allow Drew Brees to fire all across the football field.

Once the playoffs came though Brees hit the typical wall we are accustomed to seeing. Strong defensive lines that can pressure quickly off the line of scrimmage have given Brees fits. That would happen to any quarterback but with Brees’s height it becomes more troublesome.

Check the Saints regular season losses last year. There weren’t too many, but a common link can be found. Carolina, St. Louis, Seattle, and the Jets all had ferocious top defensive lines. By bottling up Brees’s pocket they limited the Saints passing attack to just four touchdowns in those four regular season games.

Successful systems can string together for a long time. But sooner or later a great coaching and quarterback duo hits that inevitable wall. Brees came to the Saints and did much more than anticipated. Age is undeniable. From a player standpoint and coaching standpoint.

The new age of the division is set to overtake the Saints just like the division did two years ago when Payton was suspended. Winning the first five games and seven of the first nine could partly be placed on Payton’s return and the Saints feeding off of it.

Expect this season to be a bit different and for the Saints to be a borderline playoff team. This will be a good team to take the under on total regular season wins.


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