Defense Rankings Week Two

By Zack Cimini

Special teams ignited for eight touchdowns in week one. You better believe the yelling from head coach to the special teams coaches trickled down to the practice fields this week. With the way quarterbacks lit up opposing units week one, it might be a turn around affect week two. Especially with some of the young quarterbacks such as Cam Newton and Chad Henne who played at career day levels.

** Potential Available Defenses on Waivers Worth Picking Up For Week Two
– Tampa Bay- Things are not looking like they are going to bode well for McNabb. The chemistry just isn’t there and the lack of offensive weapons could mean a second straight poor outing for McNabb.

– Denver- They don’t get to face rookie Andy Dalton but they do get journeyman Bruce Gradkowski. The Broncos gave up the most yards Monday night but that’s been a perpetual issue when they face Darren McFadden. Look for them to fluster Gradkowski and force some turnovers. Their special teams has already been a force with a returned touchdown by Eric Decker.

1. Baltimore
The cohesiveness this team has throughout their entire defense is unheard of. The past couple of years the weakness was in the secondary. It looks like with Ed Reed healthy and some of the youngsters matured and more experienced that has been fixed. Forcing five turnovers against the supreme of the AFC over the last few years was a huge opening weekend statement. They get to face the Titans and Matt Hasselbeck this week.

2. Green Bay
The welcoming Cam Newton was supposed to get week one will be delivered a week late. Green Bay has flustered some of the best quarterbacks over the last year. It’ll be a wake up call and a turnover prone game for Newton.

3. New York Jets
Romo had his way with the Jets through the air, but the defense was stout versus the run. Jacksonville’s only chance to stay in this game is through clock management. If the Jets are able to ground the rushing attack, it’ll force them to throw the ball more than they would want. I anticipate that happening and for McCown to show that he should only be a backup quarterback.

4. Detroit
They forced a team that lived off the ground attack a year ago, to abandon the run with their primary ball carrier only getting five attempts. Now they get Matt Cassel who seems to have blinders on overlooking down the field beyond seven yards. You can bank on a pick six from a tipped pass in this one.

5. Pittsburgh
After a proud team gets bullied, it is never good for the next weeks opponent. Sorry Seattle.

6. Atlanta
Mike Vick was drilled twenty one times by the Rams defense. He may be facing his former team but don’t expect Vick to have one of those high caliber performances. Atlanta will contain him with their defensive speed and expose the Eagles putrid offensive line.

7. Houston
Henne was in a groove week one, but it’s obvious that is not his comfort behind center. Houston moved the ball efficiently week one and facing Miami’s bottom tier defense should continue that. You can’t expect Henne to perform at that type of high rate, meaning that there should be more turnovers in week two.

8. Chicago
This is a true team unit. If with or without Brian Urlacher they’ll have even extra motivation to form together Sunday.

9. Denver
Noted in above possible defenses available on waiver wire.

10. Philadelphia
Matt Ryan just didn’t seem 100% in rhythm week one. Drives were stagnant against the Bears and he only found comfort delivering to Tony Gonzalez. The slow start could be attributed to his history of faring far better on his home turf. He’ll be tested even at home this weekend, going against the Eagles All-Pro secondary.

11. Tampa Bay
12. Dallas
13. San Francisco
14. New Orleans
15. Buffalo
16. Cleveland
17. Oakland
18. Washington
19. San Diego
20. Minnesota
21. New York Giants
22. New England
23. Indianapolis
24. Seattle
25. Kansas City
26. Miami
27. Jacksonville
28. Tennessee
29. Arizona
30. St. Louis
31. Cincinnati
32. Carolina


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