Defense Rankings August 21st

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Let’s just face it. Ranking defenses and special teams is growing harder and harder in fantasy football. Teams that you wouldn’t expect on a given week can jump off the board with a pick six or two, and propel a mediocre team to fantasy victory. It’s probably the one position you can get away with plugging in “any team” and getting rather lucky four to five times a year. I’m still under the belief that you want to accumulate the easy points as well and then hope for the better. Go after teams that will rank in the top ten in turnovers and sacks.

Here is a look at my new fantasy defensive rankings going into week three of the preseason. Be sure to check in during the fantasy football season for weekly fantasy football rankings.

1. Seattle
2. Cincinnati
3. Arizona
4. San Francisco
5. New England
6. Denver
7. Chicago
8. Cleveland
9. Houston
10. Pittsburgh
11. St. Louis
12. Green Bay
13. New York Giants
14. Philadelphia
15. Dallas
16. Buffalo
17. Atlanta
18. Baltimore
19. Miami
20. New York Jets
21. Tennessee
22. Washington
23. Detroit
24. Carolina
25. Tampa Bay
26. Oakland
27. Kansas City
28. Indianapolis
29. Minnesota
30. Jacksonville
31. San Diego
32. New Orleans


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