Debut of Destination

Ricky Williams troublesome year seems to be all in the past, as everyone around him is willing to give him a second opportunity. The Miami Dolphins and new head coach Nick Saban, didn’t have a slight problem at all welcoming him back. As long as he is sporting a Dolphins uniform and fulfilling team needs, it all boils down to the simple fact that the NFL is a business. Even the NFL has helped out Ricky by accepting him back as long as he commits to not violating the league’s substance abuse policy again.

So from the outside it looks as if Ricky couldn’t have scripted it any better. He was able to leave the NFL for an entire year, when in all actuality we all know the truth for his quick escape. It’s like a criminal committing a crime, and running out of state until all traces are back to a minimal. The criminal then can return safe and sound and go on with his life. It may be a harsh analogy but it is what it is, if Ricky didn’t want the media to perceive it that way he should have spoken out to the public.

Now that all the fun and games are over for Ricky, it comes back to real pressure. His job security is low, and he has to earn the respect back from the entire NFL. That’ll take some tough hard nosed play, and a no nonsense type of style. With Ronnie Brown in the fold, everyone knows Ricky’s return of debut is just a quick detour for his next determined destination. Neither Williams or Brown will want to be backups, and both accordingly are main viable running backs.

Miami can do one of two things with Ricky’s near future. If the offense is as improved as rumors are acknowledging, than Miami may want to plan a high school type of offensive philosophy. They could look for the pass only when needed, and run the football constantly down team’s throats. It hasn’t been tested in the NFL, because of the intense schemes and switch ups defensive coordinator’s see to stop the run. If the pass can be used every down when a team is losing, then why can’t a team continue to run the football when it is working? You see it at least once a month in the NFL, where a team gives up on the running game way too early.

With Miami’s quarterback situation looking amusing and pathetic, this philosophy could be used as a confidence builder. So often when a quarterback is struggling the main reason is because of lack of confidence. You have to be quick on your reads and not second guessing yourself, or mistakes will happen even more. AJ Feeley had that confidence for a quick moment in Philadelphia because of what he saw Donovan McNabb do, and Gus Frerotte is just a safe bet as a veteran quarterback.

If the quarterback play could pick up from below average to the average category, than all of the sudden Miami is a very dangerous team. Let’s not forget they have a wide receiver in Chris Chambers that has been kept down because of his offense not his skills. If he was on a vaunted offense like the Vikings or Colts there’d be serious consideration for him being one of the best receivers in the league. The same could be said for plenty of players though, and Chambers just needs to want and demand more.

Back to Ricky Williams, and Miami’s other route. There is another team in the state of Florida by the name of Jacksonville that could be knocking on the door in the near future. Fred Taylor’s injury problems and rehab from his off-season surgery has been kept on hush. That’s a sign that things may not be coming along well, and the fact that they were highly involved in the Travis Henry sweepstakes suggests that as well. If the Jaguars are in dire need and Ronnie Brown looks like the main guy, then there is going to be signed papers for a trade. Jacksonville’s door to make sneak up on the Colts or Patriots is now. They have a great young defense and a premier quarterback who seems destined for a breakout season. Add Ricky Williams to the picture and you have an instant recipe for success.

Of course all of the speculation on the ifs surrounding Ricky Williams, remain in his control. Has he matured and moved past his problematic stage in his life? Hopefully he has because for a few years he was on the brink of being a perennial super star. Who can forget the monster month and a half he had to finish the 2002 season? The ability is there, but is the heart and determination?


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