4th Quarter Killers

Blowouts on Sundays are bad for ratings, but a major boost for fantasy football teams. First of all while the points pile up for the leading team, it’s usually the most involvement of an entire team. The quarterback, running back, and two or three wide receivers will have game day stats sometimes by halftime. As that happens it comforts the winning team enough to substitute for the second and third string athletes.

As the relaxation begins the opposing team still has their first string in. They’re sweating out some of their frustrated angered fury. The pile on garbage stats that drive gamblers crazy, can also set a nerve-racking experience for fantasy owners. Not only are their stars sitting on the sideline, the other team’s getting open lanes for the quarterback and running back, and cornerbacks playing a mile off of wide receivers. It just makes you want to pull your hair out sometimes.

It’s a strange view but look for team’s that are completely outmatched. You may went to stay away from the quarterback, because they’ll throw plenty of interceptions and likely be benched in the second half. A running back will be limited because the team will be trying to claw their way back through the air. So the wide receiver position is the main area you’re going to want to fit in as a starter.

The advantage of more throws, less meaningful defense, and ease of playing from behind is where yards after catch will come in. How many times have you seen a defense playing so nonchalant with a big lead, that they’ll miss the easiest tackles? Literally, they look like video game athletes the way they’re diving, arm tackling, and walking back to the line of scrimmage with worry free looks.

So which receivers shoot up the charts as fourth quarter killers? Here’s a top ten list.

1. Santana Moss
Whatever Daniel Snyder has tried has failed, and the losing will continue until this team came play together. Moss is one of the fastest receivers in the league, and anytime a defense is playing lackadaisical, he should have an instant touchdown. The Redskins defense will keep them in games, but they can’t do it every week.

2. Brandon Lloyd
Lloyd is in his contract year, and has to deal with a rookie quarterback. It’s not going to be pretty, but the good thing for Lloyd is that rookies tend to look for the main guy often. That’ll be bad when the defense runs a few back, but once the fourth quarter comes he’ll get a few passes his way.

3. Chris Chambers
Already five years into the league Chambers still has a lot to prove. He is a smart deceptive receiver, but because of the Dolphins passing limitations he has been limited himself. Nick Saban seems to be correcting a lot of things, but it may be too late to keep the Dolphins defensive unit strong. A lot of the guys have aged, and even if Miami improves on offense, the defense will likely be the downfall. With them down constantly, Chambers should flourish amongst the top in the fourth quarter.

4. Ashley Lelie
Mike Shanahan has a lot of pressure on himself this year, and so does quarterback Jake Plummer. The AFC looks too strong, and Plummer’s days are numbered. Lelie will solidify himself this season as a top ten receiver.

5. Plaxico Burress
Eli Manning is going to love this tall target. Burress strides down the field with ease, and has never lost a jump ball. Expect the Giants to take a chance anytime Burress is one on one down the field.

6. Michael Clayton
The Buccaneers are a big time sleeper to go after one of the NFC wild card slots. The offense has underwent enough changes over the past year, and now is an above average squad. Brian Griese and Michael Clayton will be one of the hottest connections next season.

7. Larry Fitzgerald
Fitz is the epitome of a prime time player. He has been a star his entire football career, and wasn’t hyped up in college like he should have been. He just has that instinctive knack of catching footballs, and is on his way to being the next Cris Carter.

8. Andre Davis
You might as well throw Braylon Edwards in here, as the Browns are going to be losing all season long. Is 0-16 in the Browns future, probably not but more than three wins would be a great season for the Browns.

9. Roy Williams
Gobble, gobble, gobble. If John Madden was still on Fox handing out turkey legs, Williams would be a recipient more than once. The Lions will play Vick and company this year, and will probably be the Lions only spotlight game besides a Sunday night one against Green Bay.

10. Lavernues Coles
The Jets are always playing to win, and win the majority of their games by a touchdown or less. Their slow methodic run the ball down their throats style, always sets up the passing game in the third and fourth quarters. That’s when Lavernues Coles thrived with the Jets originally, and it’ll be like a flashback this season.


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