College Basketball Saturday ATS Theme


There is a striking commonality with college basketball Saturday’s conference matchups. Conference play is near the mid-point. In most conferences that means teams will square off for the second time this season.

Saturday there are a high-rate of repeat match ups throughout college basketball. Even in the NFL the second time around in most match ups presents a challenge for oddsmakers. You’ll see a vast difference in the point spread even when you factor in the home/away edge. Variables weigh-in on the line movement such as injuries, a team in decline, etc.

From a sports bettors perspective you have to be extra cautious in these second matchups. Keep in mind some of these teams will play a third time in the conference tournament. Expect close games Saturday to be the theme as defense starts to sharpen and coaches start to air out the ball late in games. Possessions get valued even more in February which limits turnovers on the road and allows coaches to execute effectively with a large shot clock.


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