Before stammering to the waiver wire to claim Kevin Ogletree do not get over zealous. Sure he produced a fantastic game and had eight catches to go with it. There are many keys to look at before deciding to go hunt through the waiver wire and believe Ogletree will help you out permanently this season.

Tony Romo sure lit a spark with his team and himself with the way he played Wednesday. Two of his three touchdown passes went to Ogletree. The touchdown category was not the only area these two hooked up in. Romo stated in the post game press conference that Ogletree and himself developed a higher chemistry than in years past this training camp.

With Miles Austin and Jason Witten dinged up, Ogletree saw an increased role and flourished. It transferred over to week one, as Romo looked for him often. Out of Romo’s twenty nine pass attempts he threw eleven targets to Kevin Ogletree, eight that were actual catches.

Romo’s twenty nine pass attempts are around what he will likely throw a game, it’s the amount of targets to Ogletree that may have peaked. With Jason Witten gutting it out on the field he was not even close to being in game shape. He willed himself to play, but his recovery is there as he had clearance from doctors. It’s just a matter of time before Witten gets back to being a main part of the Cowboys passing attack.

The Giants secondary was also down in this game with injuries. They decided to use their best corner to keep Dez Bryant in check, and for the most part they did a good job on him. The gap between their top corner and nickel cornerback is high, as Ogletree toasted the Giants with all types of routes.

Once again though, Bryant’s targets (5) and Miles Austin’s (4) will not that low when you average out their targets on the year. Ogletree can be a supreme third receiver and certainly have fantasy value. Is the value high enough to claim and put on your roster? Likely not.

It would take an injury to a Cowboys starter for that to happen. Based on Miles Austin and Dez Bryant’s history that is a possibility. In fantasy football you have to look at trends. Ogletree has worked hard to get to this point in his fourth year. It was his first touchdown and career highs across the board. Once Romo is back in sync with Austin and Witten there just will not be enough targets for Ogletree.

This was more of a chemistry from training camp and preseason carried over to the regular season. It will be short lived. Last year Ogletree had a total of seven catches in the first three games. Marginal numbers that dropped as the year went on as he finished the year with fifteen catches.


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