CBB Thursday ATS Preview: Tulsa vs UConn

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Tulsa is 10-1 in the American conference. They have managed that record because of sound defense and solid guard play offensively. Thursday they travel to face the defending champion UConn Huskies. UConn likely will not be in this year’s NCAA tournament unless they win the American conference tournament.

Coach Kevin Ollie just has not been able to get enough offense from there entire team. Guards Omar Calhoun, Sam Cassell Jr, Terrence Samuel, and Rodney Purvis just have not succeeded to help aid senior guard Ryan Boatright. Daniel Hamilton has tried to alleviate the pressure from Boatright but is probably a year away from filling that role.

In the earlier matchup between these two, Tulsa attacked UConn in half court sets at the rim. It worked and kept UConn’s transition offense in check.

The odds will surely be on UConn’s side as this is a key game for UConn and the anticipation is for a Tulsa loss. I’m don’t think that’s the right route to go with UConn’s consistent struggles to score. Kevin Ollie has tried everything to get the offense in gear and they just do not have the weapons to sustain an offensive edge against Tulsa. To win this game it’ll need to be done in a slow paced defensive battle.


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