Carroll Close to Hot Seat

By Zack Cimini

Seattle fans are as passionate as they come. Hardly televised on a national stage, but when they are the 12th man is truly showcased. No other team in the NFL can get the rise of their crowd as the Seahawks do. Maybe it’s because they lost an NBA team and don’t want any possible threat of an owner wanting to relocate.

In a different market though, you better believe fans would be much more vocal on decisions made under the eye of Pete Carroll. The latest moves at quarterback could cause enough destruction this season to force Carroll out.

Gambling as a head coach is reasonable, but Carroll keeps close ties to his past with former players. Seattle continues to have low talent on the offensive side of the football especially at wide receiver. For a couple of seasons Carroll rooted for the comeback of bust Mike Williams.

Williams started in 2010 when he had no business doing so. You could not of found another NFL team willing to take a shot at Williams, let alone have him with the first team. His season in 2010 was better than expected but his catches came mainly due to his size at 6’5. He had zero ability to separate from the defender, and just was not a receiver that should have been on the field.

This off-season Carroll brought in two veterans that have hit the tail ends of their careers, in Braylon Edwards and Terrell Owens. Owens could not even get phone calls from any teams for months on months. It’s a low risk investment sure, but why not sign the proper free agents or seek young talent in the NFL Draft?

Sidney Rice has not been the same since his breakout year with Brett Favre, and Golden Tate was a 50/50 talent as a second round pick. Their top receiver a year ago was undrafted rookie Doug Baldwin. The hot potato manuevering with Carroll has been all over the place with this team offensively. Carroll and his coaching staff need to come together with a plan and move forward properly.

What’s going on with the carousel at quarterback is just ridiculous. First the Seahawks brought in Tavaris Jackson for four million a year at a two year contract tenure. Not a bad move considering the Seahawks did not have much to work with a year ago after losing Matt Hasselbeck. Jackson was more of a knee jerk signing to ensure a starter post lockout.

Were I disagree with the treatment of Jackson is their denying him of an opportunity in preseason to prove himself. If you do not want him apart of the quarterback competition, trade or release him before hand. A player getting paid four million a year should not be sidelined during preseason games.

Short tenured contracts seems to be the way Seattle likes to go. Signing Matt Flynn to a three year 26 million dollar contract. Only ten million is guaranteed so the Seahawks would not be on the hook like say the Arizona Cardinals with Kevin Kolb. Money management with their quarterbacks is not the issue, it’s the handling of playing time.

Rookies just do not come in and start. Sure the last couple of seasons has bucked that trend, but the fact that Seattle wants to put in Russell Wilson to start a preseason game is stupefying. Flynn has not been stellar but deserves the opportunity to play based on the contract and research the Seahawks signed him on. All you’re doing is rattling the confidence and brewing controversy even if the team names Flynn starter after Wilson’s start Friday.


Wilson may be the eventual starter for the Seahawks, but Carroll is jumping the gun once again just like his quick free agent signings. This should not even of been a quarterback battle. When have you ever heard of a quarterback just signed for over eight million a year, having to deal with a quarterback controversy as soon as the NFL Draft was concluded?

Never Pete…..never.

Experimenting with signings such as LenDale White can’t happen anymore. Stick to certain players and build forward not backward.


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