Best Targets to Catch Ratios From Week Four

Best Targets to Catch Ratios From Week Four


Jerome Simpson
Simpson has had a couple of solid games this year. The first was in week one against the Lions. Fantasy owners were waiting to see if he would build on that performance. It didn’t happen with Ponder at quarterback, but he re-ignited this week with Cassel at quarterback. He caught seven passes on eleven targets and should be a prime waiver wire pickup this week.

Antonio Brown
The big plays were limited by the Vikings but it didn’t stop Brown from catching balls. He caught twelve receptions on thirteen targets. An astounding percentage. The Steelers are getting closer to their first win and Brown may be the difference when they do.

Anquan Boldin
Boldin got back into the fold after a few weeks of struggling with five catches for ninety yards on seven targets. He’ll have his ups and downs but should still be considered a top 25 fantasy wideout.

Jordan Cameron
It’s a small sample but Cameron is on the verge of solidifying himself undoubtedly as the number two fantasy tight end in football. He is having his way with secondary’s in all he is doing is mimicking what Jimmy Graham does. Jump ball catches in the red zone and speed to flourish against any secondary on regular passing downs have been the norm for four weeks from Cameron. He caught ten balls on twelve targets Sunday, and was the key component to their victory over the Bengals from an offensive standpoint.

Martellus Bennett
Many believed Bennett would decline and fade in a new environment. Instead he has been an upgrade over any Bears tight end over the last five years. Cutler is running the offense just like Trestman would like, minus the turnovers. Bennett knows his role and caught eight of twelve targets Sunday.

Antonio Gates
You have to respect the endurance Gates has shown. He played the last two to three years through injuries on the field. In 2013 he appears to be playing at his best health in quite some time. Philip Rivers completed all ten of his targets Gates way. That dagger came on a nifty throw that Gates hauled in for a long touchdown.

Tony Gonzalez
With Roddy White playing through injury teams have geared to shutdown Julio Jones and leave old man Tony Gonzalez alone. The Patriots changed their game plan late against Atlanta by doubling Gonzalez . It stopped the Falcons from forcing overtime but did not prevent Gonzalez’s twelve catches on fourteen targets.

Others: Deonte Thompson 4 catches/5 targets, Sean McGrath 5 catches/5 targets, Victor Cruz 10 catches/16 targets, Heath Miller 6 catches/8 targets, Coby Fleener 5 catches/7 targets, Andre Johnson 9 catches/12 targets, Terrence Williams 7 catches/8 targets, Julian Edelman 7 catches/9 targets, Kenbrell Thompkins 6 catches/11 targets, Pierre Garcon 6 catches/7 targets, DeMaryius Thomas 9 catches/10 targets

Not So Good: Jared Cook 4 catches/9 targets, Torrey Smith 5 catches/12 targets, AJ Green 7 catches/15 targets, Josh Gordon 4 catches/9 targets, Calvin Johnson 4 catches/10 targets, Brandon Marshall 7 catches/14 targets, Vincent Jackson 2 catches/11 targets


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