Attack the Paint Free Play for Friday


As the NBA regular season winds down it can be difficult to gauge where to make a proper ATS selection. Playoff teams are more conscious of the health of their star athletes, and the rest of the league is planning for the lottery. #NBAtankmode has been an ongoing topping all season long.

That’s a particular play I am high on today is the Charlotte Bobcats on the road against the Boston Celtics. This Bobcats team will be in the playoffs this year while the Celtics find themselves out. Talk about an unplanned reversal in the Eastern Conference.

The Celtics had a similar year seasons ago when they let Antoine Walker walk away and eat himself out of the league. Their head GM in Danny Ainge is one of the brighter and business-minded front office’s minds in the game. His stint as head coach was short lived with the Suns but he has great knowledge of on-court personnel.

Currently they are tied with the Orlando Magic for third worst in the league. Lottery implications don’t end there as a couple of other teams are only a victory or two ahead of the Celtics. All of those other teams have head coaches that have been in their position for more than a season; Jacque Vaughn, Mike D’Antoni, and Ty Corbin.

They have their jobs on the line while the Celtics just hired Brad Stevens and obviously didn’t have the on-court talent this year.

More importantly the Bobcats need to keep winning to sustain their seeding in the Eastern Conference. They won a hard fought overtime game against the Wizards just a few nights ago. They’re winning with a three man offense and solid defense.

Look for their A-game to be on display while the Celtics solidify the hashtag of #NBAtankmode.


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