ATS Look At Thursday CBB

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There have been some unbelievable wild finishes ATS in college basketball each and every night. Whether it’s a deciding made or missed free throw, wild overtimes, offensive spurts or cold shooting. There are countless ways to be beat by the number in any sport. During these stretches where the odds are extremely close to the actual ending you have to be prepared for close finishes.

Thursday in college hoops features conference play from the Big West, Southern, Big Ten, Pac-12, and some smaller conferences. Do not forget also there are two rescheduled games being played. DePaul vs Providence and Michigan State vs Rutgers.

Odd start times in both of those games may be intriguing to bettors but I scratched both games off my train of thought for today. I’ve never seen a rescheduled game be played to a high standard in any sport. Mentally the players are thrown off and honestly I’d be leery of either big favorite. Providence and Michigan State have epitomized two teams that can bring their B+ game 50% of the time and their D- game the other 50% of the time. Providence lost to Brown at home in non-conference play while Michigan State lost to Texas Southern.


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