Revenge games in sports are key to find for any handicapper. Often times a sportsbook will be well out in front with an opening line from this perspective. Still there are games to capitalize on the revenge factor and one comes tonight between UCONN and Houston.

In late December an under manned Houston team missing key starters got out to a high teens lead in the first half against UConn. It was a deficit I can’t recall ever seeing from UConn even in their Big East days over the last five years.

To UConns credit they erased that large deficit in the second half but fell just short in the waning minutes.

I fully expect Uconn to come out with strong aggression on the defensive and offensive side of the court tonight. From a depth standpoint their are few teams in the country that have as many skilled players as UConn does.

Houston has been a team that’s strength is on defense. If they can’t keep a game in single digits they self destruct and lose their mental edge. Key losses have been in blow outs to teams such as MEMPHIS, Louisville, Stanford, and TEXAS Tech.

I strongly believe Uconn will be a sweet sixteen team in March. A team grows from the type of loss that occurred earlier to Houston, and transforms to a higher level with a vindication performance the second time around.

It happens time and time again in college basketball.

In late December it’s easy to lose your focus as a collegiate athlete. College is on winter break and there typically is a divide in scheduled games to give the student athletes a mini break as well. This usually allows some students to go home and see their families.

For a veteran team like Uconn they never had experienced an aggressive travel trip for a game during conference play. Venturing to Houston is the furthest they’ve had to travel.

Grab Uconn tonight for an easy winner


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