A Look At Giants vs Bills


Bookmakers offshore and books in Vegas are grinning from ear to ear as football has finally arrived. The bait has been set for the preseason football game. The Bills versus the Giants spread currently sits at 2.5 points in favor of the Bills.

The perfect line to make you think a little bit on what Vegas is thinking. Remember a line is set to draw both sides.

I’m not going to give much analysis with the teams on the field, that’d just be silly. Instead I’ll give advice on to why the Bills are favored.

Buffalo has a cast of young athletes and has shown in the past to utilize undrafted free agents as starters or second string players. Just take a look at the merry go round of receivers quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick had (David Nelson, etc).

A younger head coach in Doug Marrone should be testing his players a bit more than the veteran in Tom Coughlin in preseason game one. Though the Giants have a lot to prove they’re still going to count heavily on veterans, more than the Bills.

Vegas may have the point spread tilted to the draw they want. Before flashing your money in front of the sportsbook counter, I’d advise to wait. As I stated on twitter betting on preseason football is not necessary. Definitely not in week one of preseason. Your odds are better playing roulette. It’s way to unpredictable. Once you get into week three of the preseason that’s a different story.

A fact to remember about young teams is easy. Think back to your first time playing under the bright lights. Okay. Now think about watching a college basketball team or football team led by underclassmen. Transfer those thoughts to a professional level. Your position and job are under more scrutiny. Pressure is intensified to prove yourself.

What typically happens in those scenarios? Pressure on young athletes leads to mistakes. I wouldn’t be surprised to see careless plays from the Bills. With the speed of football careless plays lead to turnovers, missed block assignments, tackling woes, etc.

Enjoy the canton speech and keep that money safe for two weeks down the road.


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