What's The Rush?

Early excitement and curiosity are continual with football fans. Whether it be a signing, an early off-season injury, or just a topic in general. A football fan jumps into endeavors quicker than someone can blink. Of course football is America’s main sport, but why be so quick to jump into fantasy football leagues? It’s only June, and people are already doing serious drafts. If you’re looking to destroy that team than that is the route to go. Most experienced people will wait and hold off before they have premature drafts.

The number one thing a true fantasy football fan should be doing is planning. You need to be set on the potential ins and outs of all the NFL teams. Look at trends, schedules, depth charts, etc. all to prepare your mind for a grueling draft. It may sound funny but there are a lot of owners who get stuck and lost suddenly when the initial rounds go by. They get anxious and jumpy and may go after a kicker to early or reach for a rookie. Little mistakes like that can be costly.

Anybody is going to analyze that they had a good first four to five rounds drafting. The key is in the depth area, because those players will be needed. Poor play, injuries, or maybe a player that surpasses expectations are all reasons for a swap or insertion to begin. Heck, there will end up being a solid five to ten players that become regular starters that weren’t even drafted. The waiver wire is a very underrated key for fantasy football success.

It’s just comical the way owners are so hungry to begin drafting. Some owners will do as many leagues possible, but that takes the fun out of the game. Stick with maybe four to five competitive leagues, that way the enjoyment is still there. You don’t want to have every different star player on your wide variety of teams. It’s like going to a gas station and buying 25 scratch offs. One of those tickets is going to be a winner, but if you had bought two or three and won, it would have been more enjoyable.

Than of course if you’re in too many leagues, as soon as you’re unsuccessful your competitive edge is gone. It happens in every league, and takes a way from the game for other fantasy owners. No one that’s involved in a 12 team league wants it to turn out to be nine teams that are still active. Everyone goes through their losing seasons, and I don’t care if I’m 0-14, I’m going to play like a losing NFL team that has no pressure.

Any team that loses a lot always has key missing ingredients. They’re missing serious production from an area, and week by week they’ll try to restrategize. Often times it’s either too late or doesn’t work out, but the strategizing helps the owner in the future. They’ll learn from that area of concern and pursue it better in the next year’s draft. Maybe they were getting too much production from one area and not enough from others. That’s when you can go back and see if you waited to long to draft in a position, or just had a dud of a draft.

It’s just not the right avenue to go with early drafts. There are too many injuries and roster changes to go in draft mode. Not until mid to late August should any serious drafts begin. The only thing owners should be doing now is mock drafts.


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