Week Two: You've Got To Be Kidding Me

Which athletes shocked, embarrassed, and burst your teams chance to win this past weekend? The list is heavy this week, but the baggage can’t be trashed yet. No matter how bad they’ve stunk they have to remain like excess clothes. You may not wear them every day but knowing that they’re available is a nice resource. So don’t pack it up yet on those athletes, but let’s rag on them for the time being.


Daunte Culpepper
Someone needs to do a rattled check on Culpepper. It seems when things are going well Culpepper can be a calm Pro Bowl quarterback. When things are bad though he seems a nervous wreck in the pocket. This trend has happened time and time again for Culpepper, so getting out of this funk should just be a matter of when. First at hand for the Vikings will be to re-plot the right people on the offensive line. For a team that’s as high on a passing attack as the Vikings, they sure are unprepared to block. Seemingly eight interceptions and a handful of fumbles could have been accepted at the midway point, but by week two is just downright beyond pathetic. Someone needs to embrace Culpepper and get his mind cleared up a little bit.

Joey Harrington
By golly if Jeff Garcia would have been ready for relief duty, Harrington would be without a starting job right now. The planned course of action would have fitted right in to the plans the Lions had when signing Garcia. Games like Sunday’s against the Bears is what Harrington is known for. The games he does well enough to win are usually because he does enough not to blow the game. Harrington is losing all believers, and it may soon be the time to throw Harrington on the list of first round franchise busts.

Peyton Manning
Manning makes the list for the first time since…ever. He played in a defensive struggle and showed that the Colts offense can be held still. Any thoughts of Manning chasing his record of last year can be forgotten about. He has had a rough two weeks stat wise. Like last season though Manning said all a long he doesn’t care as long as they’re winning. Keep emphasizing that Peyton, you’ll be making everyone without you on their fantasy football team’s extra happy.

Mike Vick
His stats just make you want to feel nauseous. Draftees will always be high on Vick because of his running ability, but he isn’t worth being a starter in fantasy football leagues. His weekly average every year in the passing department has been a meager one hundred and fifty yard type average. Without researching that would put him on the bottom five list in the league. It’s sad to say but if you’re stuck with Vick as your starting quarterback you may be in real danger. Look for someone on the waiver wire, maybe a Trent Dilfer, because Vick is a bench rider for fantasy leagues until his arm shows up.

Running Backs

Jamal Lewis
Registering a few points would have been nice Jamal. Thanks for putting up the donut on the fantasy live stat tracker. It looked good seeing that there were no kinks in the live stat tracker, just that you were stinking it up. Come on, Baltimore. You were facing a team that started Willie Parker’s career. Lewis is looking for a new contract, but he isn’t going to get it if this keeps up.

Warrick Dunn
The Seahawks are notorious for flopping on the field like Vlade Divac when seeing a running back come at them. For some reason the Seahawks stood up and attacked this weekend. Dunn didn’t even pick up numbers in the receiving department. Fantasy owners probably were overly excited to start Vick once they saw the follow up team they were playing after the Eagles. Remember fantasy owners looks can be deceiving. If Dunn is your third running back, and your other two are solid, start them.

Ladainian Tomlinson
It’s hard to knock a guy for scoring two touchdowns, but that’s not where we are going to badger him. Tomlinson was risked by everyone owning a number one fantasy pick. The least he can do is post the yardage numbers owners expect from him. Touchdowns are nice, but yardage are the padding numbers that voltage out fantasy leads. You want to be able to turn the lights out on any lead you have from being comfortable to insurmountable. If that game was a year ago against the Broncos defense, Tomlinson owners would be looking at their fantasy team in a 2-0 position. Now they must hope that players from the Saints, Redskins, Cowboys, and Giants fold.

Ahman Green
Alerting fantasy owners of the Packers demise didn’t seem to click in, did it. We saw the Packers unraveling coming four to five months ago, and it has been falling just like we foresaw it. Before long the Packers are going to get so desperate that they’re going to throw Najeh Davenport in for some sort of different look.

Wide Receivers

Colts Receivers
Egh, the highest receiving total came from Edgerrin James. This was a ghostly week for the Colts, and we thought Halloween was in six weeks.

Drew Bennett
Key word “Drew Bennett” in Notjustagame.com’s search engine on the home page. Some fantasy football prognosticators need to retire or refrain from making idiotic miracle projections.

Jerry Porter
Moss has had back to back explosive weeks, while Porter has been held in check. That’ll change quickly and owners will need to be patient. Remember Moss has been somewhat held down as well, if it weren’t for two bombs to ignite Moss’s stats.


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