Week Three Fantasy Perspective

Two weeks have completed and the season is already full of considerable questions. Studs wide receivers, especially are being shut down while sleepers in Lavernues Coles, Antonio Bryant, and Donte Stallworth are controlling the position. This was definitely the year to seek out sleepers in those positions, because those of you that thought you were alright with taking a TO, Moss, Steve Smith, or even Torry Holt are shaking their heads. As always let the season pan out as great players will shine unless injury sets in. All of these stat trends and rankings aren’t done for nothing. They usually end up paying off in a decent way.

With that in mind, lets look at some players under the radar that are worth starting this weekend.


Brad Johnson
The Bears defense has looked dominant but hasn’t faced a team with the offensive capabilities of the Vikings yet. Brad Johnson isn’t going to do anything outrageous with the football. He is sneaky though with the way he manages a game. They’ll run the ball to death and punt it a lot with Chester Taylor, but they’ll also mix some big plays in through the air. Johnson might have one of those low yardage but high touchdown total games.

JP Losman
The Bills have yet to let him throw the football. It’s been because they’ve been in both of their games and didn’t want him to lose it. Actually, he did cost them the first game by getting sacked in the end zone, but that’s a different story. The Bills defense is not going to be able to hold up against the Jets offense. So they’re going to need more then a 6 for 10 game for 79 yards from Losman. He has been getting all his fantasy points with his legs. Add a decent amount of yardage and a touchdown here and there and Losman will be a quality start if you have no where else to go.

Jon Kitna
Things have not been going the way Kitna would have liked. The veteran has his job on the line this week or Josh McCown will step in. It does not matter who is the quarterback unless Kevin Jones can create some offense in the running game. He has really had a tough time which has affected Kitna’s play as well. Against the Packers, Jones should breakout and give Kitna time to throw all over the poor Packers secondary.

David Carr
The Redskins continue to be banged up with Shawn Springs out again with a groin injury. Carr has quietly started the season better then most would have anticipated. He has hit Eric Moulds and Andre Johnson well in the first two weeks, which is a great sign for fantasy owners. Carr is the Texans offense unless Samkon Gado can repeat his magic of last year. So airing it out is going to happen, whether it be good or bad.

Running Backs

Willis McGahee
He hasn’t found the end zone yet but may catch up this weekend. The yards will be no problem but anticipate a couple of trips to the end zone for McGahee.

Jamal Lewis
All we have to say is he delivers against the Cleveland Browns. Flashback and do some research to figure that one out. He hasn’t burst onto the 2006 season yet but has run harder and better then last season.

Steven Jackson
Jackson is another back that can’t find the end zone. The Rams in fact have had a hard time scoring seven points. Facing the Cardinals defense is going to be instant relief in their points scored department. Jackson may be on his way to a Pro Bowl season, and will be if he stays healthy.

Ronnie Brown
The whole Dolphins offense has been MIA. Brown needs to get things in gear for this team to get going. One of the major reasons the Dolphins were on their hot streak towards the end of last season was because of the combination of Williams and Brown. Maybe not having Williamson the team is that big of a difference.

Wide Receivers

Reggie Brown
Stallworth has stole the spotlight from Brown in a quick hurry. Both should keep doing well but Brown should close the gap on Stallworth’s incredible pace. McNabb won’t be slowing down his arm anytime soon, so keep starting both.

Andre Johnson
A guy with as much talent as Johnson’s was not going to be shut down for two years in a row. The Texans are trying to get back to the level they were a few seasons ago, when they finished 7-9. In order to do that Johnson is going to need to become the receiver he should be in the NFL. Teams have been able to throw on the Redskins especially with the deep ball. So expect some great numbers from him this week.

Isaac Bruce
The Cardinals gave up practically a game’s worth of stats in the first two drives to the Seahawks in Darrell Jackson last week. This game might be a throwback to all of the old “Best Show on Turf” fans of fantasy football. The great days of when Warner, Faulk, Holt, and Bruce would all have great fantasy games. Translate that to now, that mean Bulger, Jackson, Holt, and Bruce. This should be a back and forth offensive contest with plenty of scoring action.


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