Let the bragging begin. If it wasn’t bad enough ten years ago, ego-boosting fantasy football fanatics can come back out starting tomorrow. Live scoring means that a touchdown and great start by a player means an instant “send” text to the league opponent.

Don’t let that 1-0 start by your buddy come against you. Get out the gate appropriately. I have a few under the radar fantasy starters to insert this week.

EJ Manuel
As low as I am on the Bills and Manuel this season I’m going to give the nod for Manuel this week. Chicago is an up tempo offense. With that style it leaves the all too familiar errors by Jay Cutler. Short fields should allow Manuel to have a couple of extra plus territory opportunities than normal. Chicago’s defense is nothing to write home about either.

Ryan Tannehill
If Miami’s offense truly is better than a year ago, than Tannehill should shine in game one against the Patriots. Though they did win in one of the games last year against the Patriots, they also lost a game that Tannehill was at fault for. After holding a 17-3 lead in the first game, Miami squandered the lead and lost thanks to costly errors by Tannehill. Later on in the season Tannehill redeemed himself a bit with a 300 yard game against the Patriots. The addition of Revis will score people away from Miami offensive payers but look for Tannehill to shock.

Mark Ingram
Oddly enough more people are higher on Trent Richardson from Alabama rather than Ingram. Ingram’s role still remains undefined but he should see an increase this season. Pierre Thomas has aged and will fill in as the Saints third down back to replace Sproles. If you’re looking for a flex option or surprise starter look Ingram’s way. We all have no clue if Drew Brees is truly 100 percent. The Saints play calling could scale back from Brees’s normal high attempts to keep him from straining his body.

Eric Decker
One guy that should have been a buy low athlete in your league is Eric Decker. Decker caught a bad rap as the guy that flourished only because of Peyton Manning. While his stats did likely skew a tad there is no reason to think Decker isn’t an upgrade to the past Jets receivers. Remember in college, Smith had receivers such as Tavon Austin and Stedman Bailey. With talent on the outside he can get the ball to his receivers. A matchup against the Raiders aged and banged up secondary is not a bad spot to start Decker.

Washington’s Defense
Lets not kid ourselves. A quarterback starting for his fifth team is a problem. Houston bridged their gap of signing or drafting a quarterback by bringing in Ryan Fitzpatrick for a season. It could get ugly real quick, and week one likely will be the beginning of a long season for Houston Texans fans.

Others: Derek Carr, Julius Thomas, Terrance Williams, Vincent Jackson, and Kenny Britt


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