Week 14: Pickup Of The Week

We warned everyone a few weeks ago that Buffalo is on a roll. There is no doubt that this is a team you don?t want to face right now, if you?re a contender. The main reason for the Bills improvement has been the quick development of Willis McGahee, and Drew Bledsoe?s old form returning.

Rookie Lee Evans has been the main beneficiate of Bledsoe?s resurrection, and has now entered the sweepstakes with Roy Williams and Michael Clayton for best rookie receiver. Williams started off fast, but has folded with Harrington?s slide. Clayton has been doing it the entire season, and will likely end up with the award.

If Evans is still available hopefully you?ve scooped him up, because he will be a great third option on any fantasy roster. Especially if you take a look at Buffalo?s remaining games.


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