Waiver Wire: Week One

Start scrambling for your early season hopes of gassing your team back up. After all of that crazy talk you blabbed on and on about to every owner in your league, you’re suddenly the first one in line to snatch up a waiver wire pick up. If that is the case, this will likely not be your only time using the oxygen waiver wire to try to bring your team to life.

Here are some players that may be available in your league, to take a look at. Mind you none should be considered fantasy starters but as athletes to add quality depth to your lineup.


David Carr
Not overly staggering dynamic numbers from Carr in week one, but he continues to show that he is a solid quarterback. The only thing that has ever kept him from becoming a considered fantasy option is his offensive line and team. Well with Domanick Davis out and the emergence of Eric Moulds and Andre Johnson the Texans will look to throw a lot. With their team expected to be down in most games, Carr should put up a lot of numbers through the air. The only thing to be worried about is the turnover worries.

Chad Pennington
We called it in our fantasy perspective week one article to go ahead and start Pennington. Hopefully you did, because now everyone is going to be looking at him this week. Don’t jump on the wagon too fast as we’ve warned that Pennington is worth starting four to five times this year, and last week was a five star start.

Alex Smith
He looks totally different out on the field. We also liked Alex Smith if you were able to listen to our week one pod cast and cash in on taking the 49ers plus the points. He is a big quarterback that got all of the bad play out of him last season. All he needed was time and he’ll continue to develop at a nice rate. The 49ers have a solid foundation ahead of them offensively and will give teams a hard time.

Brett Favre
Let everyone rag on him now. Favre will throw a lot of interceptions and that is nothing new. They should not be as big as last year and that makes him a fine fantasy backup quarterback. With Ahman Green in the lineup he should be able to hit the dump off pass more often and get some sort of comfort ability back in place. This would be a week to definitely consider even starting Favre. Last year Favre had one of his best games in the early season blowout against New Orleans. With the media all over him, he needs to show something.

Running Backs

Travis Henry
The Titans used Chris Brown more then Henry but it was Henry that was the goal line carrier. His yardage was not pretty, but either is thinking Chris Brown can last a season. His fantasy value is very low but the chances of him either getting traded or seeing more time are high.

Lawrence Maroney
He should have been drafted in any league that was twelve teams or any league that has fantasy gurus. In the slim possibility that he is available, pick him up immediately. The Bills defense is one of the worst at stopping the run in the league and Maroney showed why. He ran all over them week one and will spell Dillon all year long with plenty of time on the field.

Jerious Norwood
No one really knew who was behind Dunn or what the Falcons were thinking when trading Duckett. Norwood showed how much of a better second option he is over Duckett in just one regular season game. Unlike Duckett, if Dunn were injured, there is no doubt that Norwood could carry the load effectively. He is a big back with tremendous all around skills.

Brandon Jacobs
There is a 50/50 chance he may be on your waiver wire. If he is, feel lucky, as he showed in the preseason that he was the real deal. People somewhat expected Jacobs to burst onto the scene last year but that did not happen. What a difference a year makes. Give praise to his off season trainers that had him on the correct workouts to get to this level.

Wide Receivers

Antonio Bryant
Shockingly in most drafts we noticed Bryant was an after thought. Maybe it is because he has been all over the NFL lately and has since signed on with the 49ers past woeful offense. Brandon Lloyd was one of the few 49ers with fantasy value last year. With Alex Smith emerging and Antonio Bryant filling in for the departure of Lloyd, that could equate to a more then solid year from Bryant.

Jerricho Cotchery
The Jets offense looked fantastic week one and may be the only week that happens. As long as Pennington can stay healthy it should function smoothly. Cotchery took over as the Jets second wideout when the demotion of Justin McCareins happened. In week one Cotchery snuck on the scene with a quiet sixty yards and touchdown. He will be a solid bench player to plug in if needed for bye week or injuries.

Jerry Porter
There is no way he’ll be a Raider much longer after his antics Monday night. So where will he land? Likely somewhere that he can jump in and show the value he has been preaching of his worth. He has all the talent in the world if he can get his head on straight. Being this early in the fantasy season you can add him and take a wait and see approach with him.

Koren Robinson
Just when it looks like Robinson was rising back up as an NFL talent he practically blew his second chance. It actually is more then that as the Seahawks let him get away with a few things before finally cutting him. This will be the last stop for Robinson in either a good or bad way. If he can finally control his alcohol problem then he can be a very solid player for the Packers. If not, then Robinson will be one of those troublesome players that is out of the league, and gets mentioned as a “tagged” professional athlete down the road.


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