Waiver Wire Post Week Three

This week there are some strong considerations at the running back position. One, everyone should already know by now is Maurice Morris. Who are some of the other players that are out there to consider?


Steve McNair
Many are skeptical on McNair’s value as a fantasy quarterback. He would be no more then a filler as a starter but McNair is still a solid quarterback. The question with him in Baltimore was the system the Ravens have used over the years. The running game still has been poor to launch and may come along to a nice degree, but hasn’t yet. Until it does the Ravens will have to rely on McNair to air it out. Last week against the Browns his numbers weren’t great, but he threw the ball 41 times. Any quarterback that is throwing for that high of a number is worth scooping up.

JP Losman
We had Losman down as a worthy shot of starting last week in fantasy leagues and he came through as the third rated quarterback of the week. Perhaps it was the Jets poor defense but Losman looked comfortable airing the football out for the first time in his career. Maybe that will get him going, as he has had the groundwork to do it with Willis McGahee continuing to do well. Losman is a low risk pickup that is only needed if you are in a desperate situation at quarterback and don’t want to give in to a trade just yet.

The Rooks: Vince Young and Matt Leinart
Most of the time fantasy rookie quarterbacks are the worst solution to even consider adding to a fantasy roster. With these two quarterbacks though it is not even about what they will do from October and beyond. They’re going to be poor from the gate as the usual trend suggests. Where they will play a factor is down the road when fantasy playoffs come around. By then they’ll both be fastened for launching quality games and boosting your chances of pulling off an upset in the playoff rounds.

Running Backs

Maurice Morris
Morris now has an opportunity to showcase if he can be an actual every down back. This is his fifth year in the league but he has shown brief flashes in his career. The bad thing about Morris is that the Seahawks have not been able to run the football at all this season. If the line can’t create holes then Morris is going to be getting drilled at the line of scrimmage. At his size that is going to be tough to see him do without fumbling regularly. The Seahawks will likely spread their receivers out (Jackson, Branch, Burelson, and Engram) and try to create some draws or dump passes for Morris.

Maurice Drew
The Jags ran all over the Colts as most teams have been able to do this year. Drew looks very likely to finally be the guy to supplant Fred Taylor. The good thing for Fred Taylor owners is at least they’ll be able to work a lighter load for him, with Drew in the fold. His previous week may end up being his best output of the year unless Taylor goes down. Unless has been a likely scenario for Taylor in his career, but unless you have Fred Taylor don’t worry about picking up Drew.

Ladell Betts
Once teams become active to do a trade, Betts figures to be one of the top backs to be shipped out. The Redskins have Portis and Duckett to complement each other, and Betts is a back that could start for plenty of teams. Seattle and Denver could be in his sights but as of now Betts is just buried too deep on the Redskins. He did get the carries last week against Houston but that was because of Portis not playing at a 100 percent, and of the big lead the Redskins had. Both of those facts of last week likely won’t shape around a Redskin game ever again this season.

Michael Robinson
Gore is going to remain the main guy for the 49ers but there are plenty of reasons to consider Robinson. Gore is battling a rib injury and he has been fumbling the football at a high rate. The 49ers will likely adjust the way they use Gore just enough to see Robinson start getting into the fold. Watch out for how they use him, whether it is as a short yardage back or an increase of carries.

Wide Receivers

Chris Henry
Chad Johnson may be getting upset but Henry has been the man lately in Cincinnati. TJ and Henry accounted for two scores each last week while Johnson only had one catch for eleven yards. While Johnson is off to a slow start it has more to do with teams blanketing him then anything. Teams will be forced to stop focusing as much attention to him if they keep getting toasted by TJ and Henry. So Henry will likely not be continuing his big games but will be an erratic fantasy stud. Sort of like Az Hakim was as third receiver of the Rams back in their electric days.

Doug Gabriel
Brady has become frustrated and for his mindset to change into a positive state it will be up to Doug Gabriel. Against the Broncos he was the only bright spot, as he made a nice touchdown catch in the back of the end zone. He was getting open all night on short routes and getting extra yards with his big size. The Patriots are bringing him along and Brady will only look more his way as the season goes along.

Mark Clayton
With McNair likely throwing the football more, Derrick Mason isn’t going to be the only Raven receiver fantasy worthy. Clayton had a solid game last week with eight catches for seventy four yards. Those were low enough numbers to keep him from jumping out on every fantasy owners minds. There will be a game soon though where he’ll have a big game and be on every owners radar. Anticipate the offense opening up and scoop up Clayton while you have the chance.


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