Waiver Wire Post Week Six

By Zack Cimini

The season continues to creep along at a rapid pace. For fantasy owners we’re already at the pivotal midway point in our seasons. It’s make or break time to bust out that trade, or be a savage on the waiver wire. This particular week does not have any players worth extreme value, but the key in winning fantasy football is preparation of future weeks.


Kyle Boller
Air McNair has been anything but that. What happened last week with him getting banged out against the Panthers is nothing new. He is as susceptible to getting hurt every year almost as surely as Robert Ferguson with the Packers. Brian Billick had enough with the poor execution of the offense and decided he is best suited to orchestrate this team to scoring. Just keep an eye out on McNair as a small injury usually lingers and turns into worse things for the Alcorn State product.

Joey Harrington
Forget about what Harrington displayed in the game against New England and the first three quarters against the Jets. He started to click in the fourth quarter and what was most impressive was his poise and confidence. If it were not for an Olindo Mare missed field goal, the Dolphins would have been right up there with the Bears in fourth quarter comebacks of the week.

Ben Roethlisberger
He has never been fantasy friendly but Bill Cowher has to keep boosting his confidence by letting him throw more. Cowher can not afford to have Roethlisberger in any sort of rut while trying to push back up in their division standings. He had plenty of bad games but changed that in a quick hurry with a solid game against the Chiefs. The way the Steelers pound the football the ability to make big plays when needed through the air is always there.

Running Backs

Nick Goings
With DeAngelo Williams down and out we all know who is next in line. DeShaun Foster has never been able to stay healthy an entire season, and Nick Goings is suddenly the guy again who might get a chance to start. Foster has done a solid job thus far but carried a heavy load last week. Can his body recuperate and take on those duties the next few Sundays or more?

Brandon Jacobs
His name has been on our list before, but we all know how impatient fantasy owners get with their waiver wire pickups. He has faded down a bit and after Tiki Barber broke out last week, Jacobs may have been dropped in your leagues. Immediately drop a nobody to pick Jacobs up. Barber is a great back but the Giants will keep Jacobs in their offensive philosophy. With Barber thinking of retiring after this season, the Giants will use Jacobs more and more as the season winds down. Think about the damage Jacobs could do for your fantasy playoff chances, if he gets the starting nod in week sixteen.

JJ Arrington
There are more then a few things wrong with the Cardinals offense, and Dennis Green thinks they can change things with the firing of their offensive coordinator after Monday’s debacle. One thing that they need to do is stop killing Edgerrin James. He is getting pounded for less then a few yards a carry but is still carrying the football a load of times. Arrington is a nice change of pace back and the Cardinals could use him out of the backfield as well. See how Arrington becomes more effective with the Cardinals newly promoted offensive coordinator.

Wide Receivers

Jerry Porter
Something has to be done with Porter. The Raiders will cut ties with him it is just a matter of when. They can be the stubborn enforcer and keep punishing him with fines and suspensions or they can cut him or get something for him now. With the way the Raiders organization is acting they’ll probably play the stubborn role. For Porter’s and fantasy owners sake lets hope he lands on a new team soon.

Santonio Holmes
Holmes is a perfect replicate of Randle El, and the Steelers are going to work him in more and more. Nate Washington is also doing a fine job and can be of some interest as well. Holmes has the big play ability to score on any touch. You can not say that about most wide receivers. Before the season is over Holmes should have two or three stellar games.

Marty Booker
He is hurt now which makes it even more opportune to scoop him up. The Dolphins offense will open up finally with Harrington in. That means great things for Chambers owners that are ticked off, but a possibility of Booker regaining some of his fantasy worthiness from his Bears days.


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