Waiver Wire Post Week Four

Waiver wire pickups have been paying off big time for 2006 fantasy owners. Marques Colston, Jerrico Cotchery, and Reggie Williams continue to surge with great fantasy weeks. Who’s out there now that can help your team lacking at the quarterback, running back, or wide receiver position?


Charlie Frye
The Browns running game has come down a few notches this season. So Charlie Frye has been the main guy to get the Browns points. His stats in the yardage category and interception area may make you hesitate on picking him up. If you’re in a league that credits pass throwing touchdowns in a friendly way, then take a flier on him. Each of Frye’s three touchdowns on Sunday were five yards or less strikes. Teams would rather run down there if they could, and the Browns can’t.

Mark Brunell
Everyone was bad mouthing Brunell a few weeks ago. Two weeks later he has quieted many and is now back on the fantasy radar. The Redskins offense has always had a plethora of talent and will go as Brunell goes. The last few weeks and especially yesterday he made the safe short route throws and let the talent he is surrounded with do their thing. Moss is too quick and can break Brunell’s ten to twenty yard throws for fifty plus anytime.

Running Backs

Laurence Maroney
Chances are he is not available in your league. If you were in a league though where an owner became silly and dropped Maroney for a bye week filler, then now is your chance to get a scoop of a life time. He has been sharing the carries with Dillon in large part to protect Dillon from any injuries. That has worked perfectly, and as showcased yesterday it is becoming a hard task for defenses to stop. The carries may begin to drift more and more in Maroney’s way if he keeps doing what he is doing.

Dominic Rhodes
The favoritism has not waned in either Rhodes or Addai’s favor yet. Everyone anticipated Addai to easily take the job and it has not happened yet. As long as Rhodes provides what he has thus far, his fantasy value is still afloat. He already has three touchdowns and if anything he could become a target on the trade market for desiring teams. There are quite a few teams that may need to trade for a back in the near future.

Wide Receivers

Mike Furrey
Detroit has landed a second receiver after all, after failing with Charles Rogers and Mike Williams. Furrey has racked up a few solid games and yesterday ballooned that with a couple of scores. Az Hakim is still working in and might cause some problems in Furrey’s case, but Hakim is a suited third wide receiver. Furrey should continue to do fine and be a gem the rest of the season.

Reggie Williams
We warned that Matt Jones was not going to be a sleeper wide receiver and more of a bust. None of the Jaguars receivers has popped into a fantasy category this year except for Reggie Williams. The Washington product is using his size well and just finding a way to reach the end zone. Will that continue remains to be seen, but at least he has become Leftwich’s main guy.

Bernard Berrian
Rex Grossman is turning into an MVP Pro Bowl candidate in only a month into the season. Combining his turn about of the Bears offense into a lethal operation has brought fantasy owners to start taking a gander at the Bears offensive weapons. At first it was a quick pick easy pickup of Rex Grossman. Now the receivers are becoming consistent as well. Berrian is the big play guy that Grossman is firing at with sharp accuracy. The good thing with the Bears is that they are not slowing down their offense and playing in control of their defense. Against the Seahawks they wanted to score on every drive, and went for the big play on several occasions. You have to love that as an owner of a fantasy player on a team like that (San Diego).

Ben Watson
Nothing spectacular has happened yet with Watson on the field. The plays he does make though do jump out. He is a big presence out on the field and the Patriots have not unleashed him yet. As the ground game keeps soaring, Brady will finally get back to throwing the ball. Right now his top target would be Doug Gabriel but after him it is certainly Watson.

Brandon Lloyd
For the first time Lloyd actually showed something. With the Redskins offense starting to click it should only open up more receptions and opportunities for Lloyd. Santana Moss is the main receiver but he is the big play receiver. On Sunday three of his four catches were for touchdowns. Some other receiver has to become the possession receiver other then Chris Cooley. Antwaan Randle El is the gadget player and will not become a consistent receiver.


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