Vick's Deep Threat Arrives

Now Mike Vick has no excuses to improve on his quarterback skills. With the Falcons acquiring Ashley Lelie, Vick gets a player that complements him perfectly. Lelie is a player that is known for the big play, and we all know that Vick has a cannon of an arm. On draft boards there are two things that should be going on. Both of them involve arrows moving Lelie and Vick up in their respective positions.

This should be a dynamite tandem and makes the Atlanta Falcons an extremely dangerous team. Not since Tony Martin and Terrence Mathis have the Falcons had any legitimate receivers. Now they have Lelie and their youngsters in Roddy White and Michael Jenkins peaking to NFL capability. Watch out for the Falcons.

Trends can be useful for all sorts of brain teasing facts. An interesting trend to look at is Mike Vick’s every other year pattern. Discount his rookie season in this, and flashback to 2002. It was the year Vick starting living up to his hype and had unreal runs all season long. That season also brought the Falcons to the playoffs in which they bumped the Green Bay Packers out in the wild card round at Lambeau field. Ending the season in the divisional round of the playoffs was thought of as a stepping stone for 2003.

Well in 2003, Vick was considered the guy to take in fantasy football leagues. At least as the number one quarterback, but that all botched away when Vick’s leg was broken in a preseason game against the Ravens. Then came 2004 (remember 02’), and Vick had the Falcons rolling again. This time as deep as the NFC championship game in a demoralizing defeat to the NFC champion Philadelphia Eagles.

2005 turned out to be Vick’s poorest year on the field and doubters have since risen up on the launching of Vick to elite status. Before you jump on the guy, try badgering other quarterbacks in the league with worse inconsistency. Vick is the reason this team keeps building and adding key ingredients. With the way the team is looking now, Vick’s every other year trend might be successful for 2006. Super Bowl aspirations are not far away from the Falcons, and are likely if Vick improves just a tad on his blessed abilities.

With Lelie in the fold, Vick’s quarterback vision becomes four zones. His dump off throws to Warrick Dunn, middle of the field throws to Alge Crumpler, median passes to his receivers, and now that other zone beyond forty yards to Ashley Lelie. That zone is there for the first time in Vick’s career, but he’ll have to display the accuracy needed to complete that throw. There won’t be much time for Lelie and Vick to get their timing down, but maybe they’ll put in the extra time needed themselves by putting in that extra practice.

It is amazing that Vick has dropped so far down off the radar as a quarterback in fantasy football drafts. His rushing stats alone have deservedly put himself as a top ten quarterback. In several drafts, owners are sly enough to land Vick at the opportune time to classify him as a sneaky fantasy backup quarterback. That’s outrageous and will pay off for any owner that was able to do that.

For Lelie draftees commend yourself for drafting him as late as you did and being ranked on for it. Lelie has sure done a great public relations campaign for himself, stating that he deserved Javon Walker money, and this and that. The time to let your skills do the talking is up for Lelie. He is a solid number two receiver on any fantasy team. The knock on Lelie is the amount of drop balls he has and how easily he can be shut down if the deep ball can’t be completed.

Regardless both Vick and Lelie are better off with each other, and should pose for some great duo connections on the highlight reels.


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