Vegas Odds: NY Jets Win Total Barrier To Be Surpassed


Hollis Barnhart and myself over the last three weeks have had a blast covering each division from a win totals stand point. We’ll wrap up the last two divisions with the AFC West and AFC North Wednesday. Certain teams mentioned in the videos that I believe of high value, I will document with via blog.

We’ll start with the AFC East and the New York Jets. All teams in the AFC East have a relative high expectation in terms of regular season wins. The Patriots lead the way at 10, Miami 9, and the Buffalo Bills at 8.5. The Jets are rated to finished in last place according to the win total of 7.5.

They have had change over unlike any other team in the AFC East from last year. A new head coach, additions on defense, and still have the offense that will keep fantasy football owners frequenting the waiver wire. Sports handicapping and fantasy sports can go hand in hand in a lot of cases but in terms of wins you can throw that out the window.

Last year’s Jets finished 4-12 in a season amidst turmoil. Mike Vick proved to be unprepared to be a valuable backup quarterback and Geno Smith had too much of a burden to carry the team. Defensively, Rex Ryan’s group failed to exhibit consistency levels of years prior. All in all though the Jets found themselves in numerous games against strong teams. Close losses such as on the road against Green Bay, at home against the Broncos, and against the Patriots late in the season. Winnable games that just did not go their way in the fourth quarter.

Todd Bowles should be a refreshing addition to a team that has the workmanlike players to field similar results that Bowles former team, Arizona accomplished.

Geno Smith does not have to be the quarterback we saw at West Virginia. The gunning days are over. He just needs to play a role on the Jets. Manage the game and not be a turnover machine. At times he has shown the ability to thrive in that role. Others the burden of being on a losing team forced him into undesirable situations.

Around the league you probably would have been able to start 5-10 quarterbacks who could have mustered an extra 2-3 wins in last year’s situation as a New York Jet. The majority of quarterbacks would have had comparable or worse results.

Expect the Jets to beset improvements from coaching to the players that will lead to wins in 2015. Change is not always great in the NFL but this season will prove to be a valuable change for the Jets. Vegas has the win total mark accurate at 7.5. Grab the over.


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