Value Growing for Under Action on Remaining Bowls

Value Growing for Under Action on Remaining Bowls


Thus far market activity for action on totals has been fairly one-sided—four of six bowl games have gone over the number. Extended preparation for bowl games has not done much to help defenses. Even the cold weather factor was thrown aside by San Diego State and Buffalo– a game that saw the total drop three points in a 72 hour time span. The second quarter ballooned any chances of that game going under.

There are phases to every bowl season that can make for a lucrative opportunity for an individual. Keys to successful handicapping correlate with the strengths of the teams that still remain to play in their bowl game. Discipline, balanced attacks, and execution of a game plan are just a few variables. Exiting the pre-Christmas bowls we are now going to start to see an exponential rise in numerous categories of offenses, defenses, and the forgotten category special teams.

As you go to place your continual daily bowl game wagers avoiding the unconscious placement of an over bet needs to sink into your mind. This is not the time to assume and go for it every bowl game (fourth down)—which has been a downfall in the NFL this season.

The whirlwind of college sports can be endlessly debated. What can’t be is the bottom line. Money. The Las Vegas Bowl is the only bowl game to eclipse a $1 million dollar payout to the victor thus far. Trailing the Vegas Bowl in terms of a payout was the Hawaii Bowl at $650,000. Going forward ,23, bowl games remaining will pay in excess of $1 million.

Recruiting is in a vital stage to secure potential signees. While at the Las Vegas Bowl several recruits could be seen at Mandalay Bay with USC players and coaches. A bowl game win can sway a young prospects mind, or give them confidence if already signed.

Coaches contracts in major conferences has spiked dramatically from a decade ago. Eking out a bowl game win can be a two-fold incentive for coaches. Reaching a win total bonus and getting a bowl game bonus is surely in the grasps of several coaching staffs. This is a major factor for the position coaches who have a smaller salary with the chance to duplicate their yearly salary with their team’s bowl victory. A major upset or outstanding showing gets the automatic media spotlight on the head coach but can be a great stepping stone for assistants to get a higher salary offer elsewhere.

All this can’t be said for the bowls played prior to Christmas. The level of play and potential net gross for a team just were not there. Scoring drive ratios of touchdowns to field goals indicate this. 75% of scoring drives in the first six bowl games have been touchdowns (48 out of 64). This is fool’s gold and a trend that will be short lived. Sportsbooks and oddsmakers will surely be taking advantage of this as bettors continue to bet the over.

If you thought the regular season was a roller coaster for your bankroll, bowl season can be the coup de grace for you. Balance your wagers appropriately and stick to conferences you had success with during the season.

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