Valuable Fantasy Backup Quarterbacks

By Vidur Malik


The numbers that the NFL’s top quarterbacks are putting up this season are almost mind-boggling.

That can only be a good thing for your fantasy team.

But just like actual NFL teams, your squad’s backup quarterback is also extremely important.

Even though Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Drew Brees and the top passers in the league are claimed, you can still acquire a “game manager” quarterback for a rainy day.

The “game manager” term is one a quarterback would probably hate to have, but if he can be an effective one, he can carry his team – and maybe your team – far.

These quarterbacks probably won’t throw more than 20 times a game, and three touchdown passes would be considered a great day for them. But if they do their job well, they won’t throw many interceptions and will give their teams a chance to win every game.

Obviously, these quarterbacks aren’t going to give you 400 yards and four touchdown passes a game like your starter might, but if your star has a bye week or gets hurt, they can be a reliable option for as long as your main guy needs to be benched.

Consider guys like Alex Smith, Jason Campbell and Curtis Painter if you need another quarterback. Chances are they’ll be available in your league, and both have done a great job of limiting turnovers. What they might lack in statistics, they can make up for with mistake-free play.

It might seem strange to pick these guys up, as during the beginning of the season you might have considered them to be among the bottom of the talent pool, but they’ve done a great job of leading their teams down the field. Smith has surprised people with his smart play and is coming off of a great game against Tampa Bay, in which he threw three touchdown passes and had no interceptions. Campbell has been an underrated passer throughout his career and can also run when needed. Though his Colts are winless, Painter has done an admirable job of keeping his team in games and seems to have made a connection with receiver Pierre Garcon, which can give your team points.

All three quarterbacks are going to be in charge for at least the rest of this season, and whether or not you need another quarterback on your team, it would be smart to consider giving them a spot. Having an elite quarterback can go a long way for a fantasy team, but making sure you’ve got a dependable backup is crucial too.  



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