Updated Quarterback Rankings

Quarterback Rankings
By Zack Cimini

1.Peyton Manning
2.Donovan McNabb
3.Daunte Culpepper
4.Trent Green
5.Tom Brady
6.Matt Hasselbeck
7.Mike Vick
8.Aaron Brooks
9.Drew Brees
10.David Carr
11.Ben Roeslinberger
12. Brett Favre
13. Kurt Warner
14. Chad Pennington
15. Carson Palmer
16. Jake Plummer
17. Joey Harrington
18. Marc Bulger
19. Drew Bledsoe
20. Mark Brunell
21. Jeff Garcia
22. Steve McNair until fully recovered
23. Byron Leftwich
24. Jake Delhomme
25. Vinny Testaverde
26. Tim Rattay
27. Kerry Collins
28. Josh McCown
29. Kyle Boller
30. Jonathan Quinn
31. Chris Simms (No receivers to throw to)
32. Miami?s Fantasy Value is about as good as a Navy QB


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