Titans Future

Filling a void with a team is a deception in the making constantly. Newcomers are pushing out veterans, and veteran?s are falling into coma?s. Whether through age or injury the time frame for a player?s development is limited to four or five crucial years, after they?ve earned a steady starting job. A team may hint that they have devoted faith in a player, but in the end this league is strictly business. A constant makeover is needed to compete with franchises that have stocked young talent. In the case of the Tennessee Titans, the whole base of their franchise looks to be headed into a remodel state.

Two years ago the few remaining players from the Houston days were still the staples of the Tennessee Titans franchise. Steve McNair, Eddie George, and Frank Wycheck all got this team to the main front of football?s elite. The effort they put in seemingly looked like a tax credit to their future. The Music City miracle, a trip to the Super Bowl, and memorable playoff games are gone just as quick as they came. Now Frank Wycheck is retired, Eddie George was wrote off last summer, and Steve McNair is undoubtedly headed in the same route.

The truth in this league is that the underdog athlete always has the advantage over a veteran. No team wants to spend extra money, unless you?re Daniel Snyder with the Washington Redskins. Strategizing for events and collapses of the future is a true key to steady advancement in this league. Each team that makes new strides every year, has an additional two to three youthful players making big contributions.

In Tennessee, hands down they have a quarterback controversy brewing. Steve McNair has one year left on his contract, so the likelihood of him being a Titan one more year is a guarantee. The injuries he has had to battle caught up with him this season, as he wasn?t able to fight through them. Maybe the extended rest he got towards the end of the season, will get him back to his old form. When healthy he is one of the better quarterbacks in the lead, because he is a proven leader. But in games this year when he tried to play hurt, his play was awful and hurt his team on a consistent basis.

Jeff Fisher has been with the Titans since the Houston days as well, so there is definitely a serious trust relationship between both McNair and Fisher. Fisher will give McNair every possibility to prove he is back to full strength and early next season. If he doesn?t perform though, he has no choice but to make the right decision and give the commands to Billy Volek. He gives this offense a new element of the ability to stretch the field on almost every play, and proved that with Drew Bennett?s monster finish.

If Fisher chooses to go the veteran way like Bill Parcells did this year, he may have concluded his last season as Titans coach. He will be going into his 11th year and with the Colts, Jaguars, and even the Texans improving yearly, the Titans may be looking at a few seasons before resurfacing from the bottom.


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