Today’s free play comes in the Philadelphia Phillies vs Washington Nationals. For the Phillies it’s Cliff Lee that heads to the mound and for the Naitonals it’s Gio Gonzalez. The Nationals got the majority of their runs in a three game series against the Marlins in two innings, while the Phillies had their usual erratic series against the Mets.

Lee’s first two starts back from the DL have not fared well. He gave up twelve hits to the Giants in a loss and nine in his last start and loss to the Diamondbacks. To doubt Cliff Lee now would be a foolish bet.

The Nationals are struggling to hit the ball right now and have been relying on their aces and bullpen to protect small leads.

Money is on the over in this game, but I’ll take the under. Look for Lee to scatter his hits better in this one and for this game to sail two runs under the total of 7.


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