The Greatest Coaching Staff

Think of all the coaching staffs that come to your mind. Which one pops in your head as the greatest of all time? Of course there have been a lot of great individual coaches, but we are talking about a whole staff here. A staff from the quarterbacks coach all the way to the head coach. Can?t come up with an answer? Well, I think we have found a great one. Just ten years ago in the NFL, the best coaching staff ever was assembled.

Now you?re probably thinking what coaching staff was solid in 1993? The Dallas Cowboys, maybe the Buffalo Bills. Wrong, the answer was the Green Bay Packers. Take a look at the staff of coaches they had back in 1993, and the success they?ve had now.

Head Coach-Mike Holmgren
Everyone always remembers the head coach. Holmgren was the leader of this incredible staff. He ended up winning a Super Bowl in Green Bay, but still hasn?t found his way in Seattle yet.

Wide Receivers Coach-Jon Gruden
That?s right their receivers coach was Jon Gruden. Lets not forget Gruden is a very young coach in the NFL. He had to work his way up, and he did it very quickly. Gruden just won a Super Bowl last year in Tampa, and plans on winning more.

Tight End/Assistant Lines Coach-Andy Reid
Reid has been one of the best coaches in the NFL over the past couple of years. He definitely made the right choice in drafting Donovan McNabb. He has this team year in and year out in a great situation. The next step is to get this team to the Super Bowl.

Quarterbacks Coach-Steve Mariucci
Mariucci did a very solid job in bringing up Brett Favre. Mariucci has always been great in developing quarterbacks, and hopes to do the same in Detroit. He helped bring along Jeff Garcia very quickly from the CFL. Is Joey Harrington the next Pro Bowl quarterback to add to Mariucci?s list?

Defensive Coordinator-Ray Rhodes
It?s sad to see what has happened to Rhodes career as an NFL coach. Many would bring up the fact that he should be an NFL coach and not an assistant. This is where the diversity of NFL coaches always comes up. He has always been a great defensive coordinator, but was also a solid NFL coach. He was let go by Green Bay after an 8-8 season. Which left a lot of people with shaking their heads. Rhodes has been a defensive coordinator the last four seasons, and is now with the Seahawks. Rhodes and Holmgren are reunited again ten years later.

Defensive Backs Coach-Dick Jauron
Jauron has always been a defensive minded guy like Rhodes. He has had okay success as a head coach with the Bears. Compared to the other guys from the staff in 1993, he?d have to be ranked last.
Offensive Coordinator-Sherman Lewis
You can?t forget about Sherman Lewis. He ran the offense for the Packers for eight years. He was a big part of the Packers offensive success. In Minnesota he helped developed Daunte Culpepper, who struggled last season without him. Now he serves as an offensive coordinator with the Detroit Lions. So another pair from the 1993 staff has teamed up in 2003.


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