Team Rankings

Team rankings may bore you, but they’re often associated in a perfect link to your fantasy football players. The teams that are ranked highly have more dominant players, because they’re scoring the points to win games. Without points, you don’t have yardage, and without yardage you have a loss with your fantasy football team. Now that we’ve spun your mind with extra wordage nonsense, here’s a look at the team rankings as the football season commences.

1. New England
Dynasties were suppose to end with the Cowboys. Nope, and now the Patriots are on the verge of becoming legendary. For some reason three Super Bowls in four years hasn’t done that.

2. Atlanta
Catapulting to the top over the Eagles seemed probable last season. The only obstacle that keeps holding them back is Vick’s accuracy. This seems to be the year that he can overcome that area, and begin to write his successful story.

3. Philadelphia
All jargon aside, the light is still bright in Philadelphia. McNabb and Owens will need to make up, and once that happens it’ll be another trip deep into the playoffs.

4. New York Jets
The addition of Ty Law is going to be the key ingredient on defense, especially come playoff time. The Jets style of play is similar to the Steelers. They’ll grind it out and make the necessary plays at the end of games. They know how to win, and as long as Pennington stays healthy, they’ll be the strongest contender to knock off New England.

5. Carolina
This is a shocking spot, but also deserving for the Panthers. They are only two years removed from representing the NFC in the Super Bowl, and they went through a year that no team should have last season. Injuries caused their season to be cut short, but they also never gave up. They were the hottest team at the end of last year, and there are a lot of good things to look at on their team. They’re deep at wide receiver, running back, and they have a veteran quarterback in Jake Delhomme that has the most confidence he has ever had. Not to mention their defense is one of the best at turning turnovers into points themselves.

6. Minnesota
Their defense has really improved, and the Vikings are looking to finally add a running game to the offense.

7. Pittsburgh
It’s going to be a long season if the Steelers are going to keep seeing Bettis and Staley listed on the injury report.

8. Indianapolis
Their shaky preseason, should be an afterthought. The defense won’t be though.

9. Dallas
As long as Drew Bledsoe can be a little bit of his old form, than the Cowboys will be inching their way to the top of this list.

10. St. Louis
If offense could win championships, than St. Louis would be a lock. It’s almost a given that they’ll be neck and neck with Indianapolis and Kansas City for points scored. Their offense may be even better than their Super Bowl days at this point.

11. Denver
There have been a lot of borderline seasons for the Broncos, and now Shanahan is feeling the heat. If Plummer can limit his turnovers, and the defense plays a little better, than the Broncos will win their division and look good heading into the playoffs.

12. Cincinnati
It’s all coming together for the Bengals. If the Steelers running back problems continue, they have a great shot at winning the division title.

13. San Diego
Many people would put the Chargers up higher, but it appears a downfall is apparent this season. Antonio Gates isn’t going to jump on everyone again, and there goes the Chargers threats downfield. Any type of bad play by Brees is going to draw too much swirling controversy, that is ultimately going to keep this team from reaching the playoffs. Plus, there division is much improved from last year.

14. NY Giants
The Giants were a playoff team last year, before they inserted Eli Manning. Manning is going to show his worth this season, and the Giants will nab a fifth or sixth wild card seed.

15. Baltimore
Their defense is so amazing, that it’s a shame their offense is going to be the worst in the league. Jamal Lewis will not be able to make it thru the season, if Kyle Boller can’t step it up.

16. Seattle
It may be the end of the road for Mike Holmgren. The Seahawks are going to have a very tough time keeping up with the Rams, and even the Cardinals.

17. Kansas City
How can they score so many points without a receiver? The answers are Priest Holmes, Larry Johnson, Tony Gonzalez, and the fact that Trent Green is underrated.

18. New Orleans
Always a sketchy team, that can never be figured out. The tragedy to their city may help create an extra will for this team, that doesn’t even know where they’ll be playing the majority of their games.

19. Houston
The climb to playoff success is going to be put on hold, just due to the overpowering teams in the AFC conference.

20. Green Bay
A bad year is brewing in Green Bay. Frustration was already evident in the preseason, and that’s a bad sign.

21. Arizona
Many people are jumping on the Cardinals band wagon, but soon people will jump off while on. Their offensive line may be the worst in the league, and JJ Arrington is a rookie behind it. Also, Kurt Warner has been about as durable as ice cream in Arizona summer heat.

22. Jacksonville
Before mid season, Byron Leftwich is going to be wanting to call it quits. By then Fred Taylor should be hurt, and Jimmy Smith is still their number one receiver. Leftwich is one of the best young quarterbacks in the league, but he needs some help.

23. Oakland
Not until Lamont Jordan shows his worth, will we believe the Raiders can have any type of success.

24. Tampa Bay
The Bucs are a dark horse team. If Brian Griese is really on the right track, then the Buccaneers will be a definite potential wild card team.

25. Tennessee
Changes are needed, but at least talent is in key areas.

26. Detroit
The soon to be team that bugs the heck out of Minnesota.

27. Miami
Their defense is still good, and offense can only get better from last season.

28. Washington
Any bets on who’s quarterback of the Redskins by seasons end? Our bet, no one on their current roster.

29. Cleveland
A sly move already made by Romeo Crennel, in moving Charlie Frye to second string quarterback.

30. Buffalo
The woeful Losman chronicles begin.

31. Chicago
Da Bears.

32. San Francisco
Oh man.


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