Team Rankings Post Week Three

The chaotic spins of uncharacteristic play are continuing but is becoming a bit clearer. It won’t be too long before we hear of a coach calling it quits. We love how that’s the label that is put on a coach when they announce their resignation. There is no coach that would quit on a team and walk away from millions. They’re always forced out and it’s just a better way of classifying a coach’s exit.

Team Rankings Post Week Three

1. New England (2)
There has to be something programmed into the Patriots that steps their intensity out of this world. For a team to always win close games is unbelievable.

2. Pittsburgh (1)
At least they know Roethlisberger does have the ability to throw.

3. Philadelphia (3)
McNabb may be living a year of the best for a quarterback facing constant walls. Owens in the summer, continuous injuries, and facing the stress of last year’s Super Bowl loss. No one wants to say it but he has the Eagles right back to where they need to be.

4. Indianapolis (5)
Is the defense for real or has it just been the way the Colts have managed games?

5. Atlanta (6)
Vick needs to be contained from running, or there is nothing a team can do.

6. Cincinnati (7)
Carson Palmer has been the best of any quarterback.

7. Tampa Bay (9)
3-0. Sooner or later Cadillac’s great games will be reduced, and we’ll all see if Brian Griese can lead the team.

8. Carolina (4)
Delhomme can only laugh about that interception and move on. At least he isn’t missing Mushin Muhammed.

9. Jacksonville (13)
They’re almost as good as New England when it comes to winning close games. Leftwich is going to need to be the leader the whole season. Any length of time without him could cost them a few precious games.

10. Kansas City (8)
It was just a game where they shouldn’t have stepped on the field.

11. Dallas (12)
Bledsoe looks three to four years younger than he did the past few seasons.

12. Denver (17)
Now that’s the Broncos that have been gone for two weeks.

13. Minnesota (15)
They’re right back in it.

14. San Diego (21)
Over using the main ingredient of LT needs to happen every week.

15. NY Giants (10)
The defense was non existent in the second half against the Chargers.

16. St. Louis (16)
They’re going to be inserting Ryan Fitzpatrick by midseason if they continue to have Bulger throw 100 passes a game.

17. Seattle (20)
Alexander four touchdowns. Maybe Seattle should offer him a long term deal.

18. NY Jets (11)
Bollinger and Testaverde as the Jets quarterbacks. Why not try to trade for Doug Flutie?

19. Washington (18)
When your not playing, you can’t move up in rankings.

20. New Orleans (14)
Players can make excuses suddenly when they’re losing. Joe Horn didn’t blab his comments about playing at NYG until after their loss to the Vikings. Come on, Joe.

21. Miami (27)
If the offense can score, they’ll be in a nice position to snatch one of the final AFC wild card spots.

22. Cleveland (22)
Are proving to be a heck of a lot tougher than expected.

23. Baltimore (19)
The bye week may have been too early for the Ravens.

24. San Francisco (31)
Rattay is pushing Alex Smith’s rookie experience back every week.

25. Oakland (24)
Rolling off some wins needs to happen now.

26. Tennessee (25)
Just the wrong mix of players for a transition period.

27. Buffalo (23)
There won’t be a push for the playoffs this year.

28. Chicago (28)
Thomas Jones is the best trade bait at running back.

29. Detroit (29)
If Harrington were ever to awake for a breakout game, this is the time.

30. Green Bay (26)
Is that three straight NFC North teams at the bottom five of the league?

31. Arizona (30)
How quick talks of a playoff run have whittled.

32. Houston (32)
David Carr got his week to go somewhere quiet and re-prepare for the season.


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