Take Notice

By Zack Cimini

Write this down right now ? Larry Fitzgerald is going to lead the league in touchdown receptions next season. If anyone has followed the path of this youngster, his ability to make jump ball catches is uncanny. Randy Moss and Terrell Owens both have their different attributes that make them unstoppable. Fitzgerald is a combination mixture of Owens and Moss, to make himself right up there with the elite. It?s like he has been molded as a ?create a player? in a video game and this is the result. He has Moss?s speed, and Owens physical presence against defensive backs that leave them hopeless. Any thoughts of a sophomore jinx for next season can be thrown out the window. Fitzgerald will be a top five receiver statistically in the NFL next season, if not number one.

The Arizona Cardinals faded off the radar with any chances of going to the playoffs on Sunday, in a 24-21 loss to Seattle. Seattle came to play and the loss can be taken as a lesson for the Cardinals young team. During the loss though the Cardinals fought back just like they had all season, after being down 24-7. All it took was a few throws by Josh McCown to Larry Fitzgerald on seemingly playground type plays. Forget the razzle-dazzle drawn up plays, McCown just waited for any opening of a one on one situation with Fitzgerald and just threw it up. On Fitzgerald?s second twenty-nine yard touchdown reception all McCown did was a quick pump fake to draw the safety to the left, and quickly lobbed up the ball inside the right post for Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald went up like a basketball defender shielding for a rebound and fought off swipes of the football too still hang onto it. The professional manner Fitzgerald displayed afterwards even further shows how much this young man is devoted to the game.

Most young athletes? cough cough? all athletes would have paraded around showboating for attention after that type of catch. Instead Fitzgerald quickly jumped up and tossed the football to the referee and ran off the field. It was the type of demeanor that gave the body language of someone hunger for more. The Cardinals defense though was unable to stop the Seahawks on the next drive, and they ran out the clock.

It?s a forgone conclusion every year that the Cardinals will get no exposure on national tv, so it?s hard for many fantasy owners to evaluate any Cardinals athlete (Except for Direct TV customers). There is no doubt that Arizona will be an explosive offense next year with the best group of receivers in the league. Anquan Boldin has finished the season strong, and many people forget that Bryant Johnson was the Cardinals first round pick ahead of Boldin. He has developed nicely and is unnoticed because of the overwhelming attention his complement receivers get.

Marcel Shipp will be back next year, and that will improve the Cardinals offense tremendously. The only decision that needs to be made is what to do at quarterback. Josh McCown has shown improvement, but is it enough for Dennis Green? The athletes that surround McCown could make any average quarterback look great, so imagine what an established quarterback could do?


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