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Sunday, 4 August, 2013

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Today marks the start of the 2013 NFL season. Miami and Dallas square off with a very low total of 32.5. These two teams had one of the memorable Thanksgiving game days in the mid 90’s. It snowed at the old Cowboys stadium, and featured a back and forth affair with long runs by Terry Kirby. Pete Stoyanovich appeared to have missed a game winning field goal because of the snowy conditions on the field. Leon Lett though tried to fall on the football. As he did the ball squirted loose and the Dolphins re-recovered for an automatic first down. The Dolphins had another attempt at a field goal that was successful and won the game.

That was a trip down memory lane. In todays game you can’t expect much from a couple of teams that have only been in pads at practice for a couple of weeks. Coaches have stages for preparation for their team, and the first preseason game is going to feature a very vanilla game plan from both offenses. Defenses tend to be more prepared to dominate early preseason games. I’ll side with the under on 32.5, in which should be a low scoring methodical game.