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Friday, 24 October, 2014


There comes a time when a talented team gets overlooked on a point spread. Last week in the NFL it was the Denver Broncos against the San Francisco 49ers. Denver had struggled at covering the number like they did a season ago and public/sharp money got caught in the abyss backing the 49ers.

Tonight I see that opportunity with the Oregon Ducks. Sure, the Ducks have failed to cover a high percentage of games like they did a year ago. But unlike a month ago this team is starting to look like a top team. Defensively they seem to be getting better by each game, and offensively never was a big issue.

Cal is a typical Pac-12 team that likes to push tempo. It’s a great offense to have when you’re facing a team that doesn’t handle tempo and speed for four quarters but Oregon has no problem with frenetic teams. In fact they seem to morph into a better team when facing this caliber of an opponent.

Cal bettors will be quick to think that Arizona and Wash State had Oregon in check. Well, Washington State played Oregon well a year prior and Arizona seems to have their number.

I just don’t see a team of Oregon’s caliber sliding to the talent of their opponent three times in a season. Play Oregon tonight as they look to scorch the scoreboard and keep their longshot odds of getting a BCS berth going.