Sunday Wild Card Preview

By Zack Cimini

If Saturday?s wild card festivities are a future indicator of the next four weeks, than the NFL?s ratings will shoot through the roof. There is nothing better than climatic finishes to engage an audience with a movie script type ending. Maybe there is a secret payoff amongst the NFL organization and its players. How else can the playoffs continue to be an incredible outcome year in and year out? Is this the WWE where a team is forced to succumb after pulling in attention. Obviously that?s not the case, it?s the competitive atmosphere of unity that pulls a magnetic force of equality amongst every team. Saturday?s epic stage showcases that every player has tremendous heart and a devoted edge to win. When a professional athlete is crying over a loss in the wild card round, it shows the boy in a man that?s been trying to accomplish that championship dream. Forgo any early thoughts of a bummer NFC, every team is blossoming at the right time. Every powerhouse NFL team is susceptible to a loss at this point. Let?s take a look at Sunday?s wild card matchups.

Denver vs. Indianapolis
Bag this as quickly as a grocery, because Denver stands no chance like bread in a plastic bag. Put the line up on an automatic bet, because Manning is going to pick a part the Broncos secondary like an orchestrated festival. The fiddle of Jake Plummer?s strings will be tested to the ultimate capacity of Mike Shanahan?s patience. A blowout will result in the demise of Plummer?s chances next season, but a respectable outing will only delay that. Plummer can?t take responsibility for a whole team and doesn?t display the leadership roles that enable a capable leader to carry a playoff team. Eventually he will hurt his team, and that is just a fact. On the flipside, Manning has paid his dues and is ready for the lime light. The process of elimination is an automatic transition that will involve the Colts vs. the Steelers or Patriots.

Minnesota vs. Green Bay
The Packers will try to become the second team this weekend to defeat a team for the third time this season. If it happens the probability will be close, as the first two meetings were decided by a field goal. Defense will be the key, as each team will be able to dictate what they want to do. Offensively won?t be a problem because each possesses too much talent for the defense to stop. The question is which quarterback will make the mistake that costs their team. Brett Favre and Daunte Culpepper both have tendencies to make costly decisions on a frequent basis. The serine fact is that when they?re on they can be the most dangerous field coordinators in the game, but when they?re off they can be an immediate castoff of quarterback survivors. Which quarterback wants it the most?


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