Stepping In

The prognosis of a surgeon performing surgery is a step-by-step careful yet aggressive process. A surgeon needs to be smart, precise, quick, and get the task done with extreme pressure. It’s a routine that obviously takes some time for a surgeon to get down. That’s why before they get a chance they need to establish themselves. They do this by watching surgery’s and the colossal amount of studying time involved in learning all the processes. Not until the overall staff feels the soon to be surgeon is comfortable and ready to grab a scalpel will any cutting and risk taking start.

Of course a surgeon isn’t going to be a perfectionist, but that’s what a patient is expecting. Surgeons don’t keep stats, but if there was tracking no surgeon would have a perfect record. That’s why a celebrity that needs a serious procedure will seek out to find the best. The whole idea is that the studying, learning, and advancement is supposed to pave the way for an unbreakable career.

In football the analogy is synonymous with a quarterback’s development. At first they’re able to have a nerve free sideline experience. It’s like kicking back at a movie theatre, enjoying your popcorn and drink. Bam, within a three-hour experience the lesson’s learned from watching snippets from your point of view are going to come to a test. Each day in practice the weekly lessons start to turn over into eye-popping development in practices, or coaches yelling and spitting in your face like you’re at boot camp. Coaches notice this with the quickness, and the story of that quarterback’s chapter starts to sprout when that eye is attatched..

The ultimate question involving that quarterback is will they thrive or fold under pressure? The quarterback is now that surgeon that has to pick a part by making the right decisions in a minimal amount of time.

Any type of situation can pop up that could make the quarterback a goat or a hero. There are so many key plays that go unnoticed when a game is over. It could be a third down scramble that later resulted in a second quarter drive’s touchdown, or that play could be the quarterback scrambling and fumbling.

A scenario like that may seem awkward, but it’s a logical idea. How many times do you see a fluke back to back sequence, with teams giving up the football after acquiring the ball right after a turnover? It happens, and a quarterback’s immediate future starts from the first day under center as official starter. That classification could be withdrawn just as fast as it was given. If you prove yourself than wa-la, general managers are offering you righteous deals. Just like a surgeon pulling in clientele that expect a smooth operation.

Out in Buffalo, there is an extreme amount of pressure on JP Losman. The experience that he was going to get last season, didn’t happen because of the Bills strong finish. The Bills knew they were going his way, and would’ve loved to give him the experience early so he could go through his struggles. Well, now the only time he is going to be allowed that precious experience will be in pre-season.

Losman has the intangibles to be the Bills quarterback for many years, and he seems confident and set on that as well. It’s always a strong quality when your quarterback is a strong believer in his own ability. It may sound funny, but it happens in any profession especially athletics, where the loss of motivation and self-esteem kicks in.

A bad raise in a real life job leads to sudden drop off in a person’s job skills. In athletics it’s called a funk, and young athletes tend to get into that zone quickly. They have so much confidence and expectations, that a string of losses can domino an entire season. The best mind frame for Losman to have is to take everything one day at a time. Started from training camp all the way through out. Getting too far ahead of himself can result in mental fatigue on top of the obvious body aches that he is going to go through.

The support of Bills fans also needs to be encouraging. It has been a minute since they’ve had success, and after the 90’s patience probably isn’t a word in Bills fans vocabulary. Still, this is a new adjustment period and a setback from last year’s finish is a probable hypothesis. The AFC is mighty tough, and it’s going to take a Ben Roethlisberger effort from Losman to finish better than last season’s record.

Bill Cowher did a phenomenal job with Roethlisberger on bringing him along. It’s the perfect blueprint that should be used for quarterbacks with no experience under their belts. They kept his pass attempts below twenty the majority of the time, and his check downs were simple. The work horses in Jerome Bettis or Duce Staley was the main offense, and Roethlisberger did what he needed to throw off defenses. The Bills can do the same with Willis McGahee, and will need to for the first month or so of the regular season.

If not than a play when they should have ran is going to turn into a deadly seven for the other team. The Bills defense is good enough to keep them in games, and they are going to need to play ball control football. If they get into a shoot out, that’s not going to suit Losman this season. It’ll play into the other team’s defensive coordinator’s hands. Once he sees a certain tendency by Losman, or ways to throw him off, they’ll begin to attack.

Losman should have a great career, but he needs to keep his goals realistic in his first year as starter. It’s always good to set high goals, but you have to approach situations with a balanced free to breathe mind frame.


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